Sweclockers leaks information about AMD’s upcoming flagship, the Radeon R9 380X

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The video card enthusiast website Sweclockers has released a set of slides and photos packed with technical specs and details about AMD’s first high end card of 2015, the Radeon R9 380X.

If the early predictions are to be taken as gospel, the R9 380X will feature 4,096 GCN cores, along with 4GB of the new HBM (high-bandwidth memory) RAM. The card will run on the back of AMD’s upcoming Fiji XT line of GPUs, and will supposedly post a 45% increase in performance over the current cream of the company’s crop, the R9 290X.

No one knows for certain how this information slipped out to the public, but it’s suspected the website was able to get their hands on an early version of the card (and its datasheets) originally meant for testers only.

According to the leaked documents, the use of HBM memory should let the 380X hit memory speeds nine times faster than GDDR5. These figures are confirmed by a report given by AMD on the subject a few months ago, which means it’s likely we’ll start to see it in more flagship cards as the year goes on.

In case you had any doubts about the authenticity of the rumors, Sweclockers has proven its reputation for accuracy on these types of things in the past, so it’s not totally unbelievable they’d have specs on the card published this far ahead of release.

Credible or otherwise, the R9 380X looks like a hell of a contender for the top slot in the market, and should hold its own against whatever Nvidia has to throw in the ring for the next few months.

It’s said the card will make its way into our desktops at some point during Q2 of 2015, though that date could change as the development cycle continues.