The Queen joins Facebook

Britain’s 84-year-old Queen is getting pretty hip. Since joining putting its Facebook page live this morning, The British Monarchy already has more than 73,000 followers, and growing. Will she be more popular than Lady GaGa (22 million ‘likes’)?

This isn’t the Queen’s first foray into social networking. The Monarchy has a YouTube channel, Twitter page, and Flickr profile. They know what they’re doing too, the Facebook page is already packed with months of updates, including pictures, video, and news stories. Obsessive fans can now track the royal family’s movements on a near daily basis.

“If you look at the royal forays into technology and social media, we were already pretty much everywhere,” a spokesman for Britain’s royal family told Time. “Facebook was really the last area we didn’t have a presence.”

Like any fan page, those who “like” the British Monarchy page will receive updates from the British royal family in their news feed. The family’s Court Circular–an official record of who does what in the royal family, and where–will also be available on the page. The Queen is a fan of the Internet. She browses the net and emails her grandchildren on a regular basis.

Do you think joining Facebook and other social sites will help the Monarchy in the long term? Or does this devalue the prestige of the British royal family?

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