Tweetro is back up on the Windows Store, but the Twitter app doesn’t come cheap

tweetro is back on the windows store but twitter program isnt cheap

After being removed from the Windows Store last month, Tweetro is available once again as a new, paid version. Developers from Lazyworm Applications dubbed the new program Tweetro+ and it currently retails for $9.99. After the existing users and new fans jump on the wagon, the Tweetro+ website says the cost will rise to $12.99. It seems like a hefty price tag for features that can be had for free on other operating systems. Tweetro+ offers multiple account support and multiple columns of tweets on the main hub, among other tools. 

The trouble for Tweetro began when the third-party Twitter client used all 100,000 of its allocated licenses. Twitter requires any outside program that exceeds that user limit to apply for additional tokens, but the social media network rejected Lazyworm’s request, which led to the app’s removal from the Windows Store while the developers worked out options. 

Lazyworm co-founder Atta Elayyan said in an interview that people who have already downloaded Tweetro in its free state will have to pay the same price now to keep using the program. Despite the sudden extra cost, it seems likely that Tweetro+ will quickly reach the 100,000 user cap because there are so few Twitter alternatives on Windows 8, and Twitter hasn’t released a proprietary Windows 8 app yet. The paid app solution seems to be the common approach to working within Twitter’s restrictions; Tweetbot for Mac had to take a similar route to deal with the API cap. While a for-pay program does restrict its own audience, the Lazyworm team said that its focus is creating the best experience possible regardless of how many users it can serve in the process. 

Source: Neowin