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Anna Washenko

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Anna is a professional writer living in Chicago. She covers everything from social media to digital entertainment, from tech news to scientific breakthroughs. By night she's also a dance teacher and DJ. You can follow her quest to become the ultimate generalist on Twitter at @AnnaGetsPithy or on Tumblr at

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Microsoft updates requirements for 7- and 8-inch Windows 8 tablets made by partners

Microsoft finalized the requirements its partners must meet to create 7- or 8-inch tablets running Windows 8 or Windows RT, but is deliberately keeping one Windows feature off of these partner-made tablets.

Security loophole leaves Apple IDs, passwords vulnerable to easy attack

Heads up, Apple users! Hot on the release of the company's new two-step security verification, there's a new threat against your privacy. If you haven't already jumped on Apple's new two-step verification system for protecting your Apple ID…

Apple and HP top customer experience ratings for computer companies

This year's Temkin Experience Ratings for customer experience included ten computer manufacturers. The third annual survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers placed Apple and HP at the top of the list, but who was at the bottom?

Isohunt encouraged copyright infringement, can now be reamed by lawsuits, court rules

Judges ruled that the BitTorrent index's founder doesn't merit DMCA safe harbor protections, which could mean bad news for the leaders of other Internet sites and services.

Google Maps adds gorgeous new Street View of the Grand Canyon

As if we needed another reminder that Google is the top of the heap in terms of map services, the company captured a national wonder on street view.

Pen Mouse gets new design from Genius, works on nearly any surface

Who would have thought the humble, analog pen would be the inspiration for Genius' nifty new Pen Mouse?