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Here’s how you can download the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update early

Fall Creators Update
The next major Windows 10 update, Fall Creators Update, is scheduled to being its rollout to the general public on October 17. That’s exactly a week away, and while not everyone will automatically receive the update immediately, there will likely be a way to force the update for the truly anxious. If you just can’t wait until even then, you can now receive the update if you’re willing to join the Windows Insider program.

And, you don’t need to risk using any preview code, either. Rather, as WMPU reports, Microsoft is pushing the Fall Creators Update bits to the Release Preview ring, which is reserved for users who want to early access to actual release code. If you sign up today then you’ll receive the same update that non-Insiders will receive starting next week.

The news comes via the Windows blog, where Windows Insider chief Donna Sarkar posted the following update on Tuesday, October 10:

“As part of final preparations for the general availability of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on Oct. 17th, we have begun releasing Build 16299.15 to Windows Insiders in the Release Preview ring. If you are in the Release Preview ring and don’t see this build offered yet – be patient as it will be rolling out over the course of the next few days to everyone in the Release Preview ring.”

You can check out everything that’s coming in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in our news roundup. As a summary, Microsoft continues to focus on creative types this time around, with the new Windows 10 Photos app adding in “Story Remix” functionality. Other important changes include significant new features for the Edge browser, a new Fluent Design system that allows Microsoft and developers to make the user interface more dynamic and appealing on different kinds of machines, and the arrival of the new My People feature that was delayed in the Creators Update earlier this year.

In addition, OneDrive Files on Demand makes Microsoft’s cloud storage service more useful on machines with limited storage space. The new “Continue on PC” feature lets you link your smartphone to your Windows 10 PCs and then pick up where you left off in documents and web pages. And then, a host of other smaller fixes and enhancements will be coming your way to make using your Windows 10 PC a more efficient and enjoyable affair.

Again, you’ll want to join the Windows Insider program and set your PC to the Release Preview ring. Then, just sit back and wait until Microsoft’s servers decide it’s your turn to download and install the Fall Creators Update.

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