Microsoft merch: Windows 10 t-shirts now on sale

windows 10 merch tshirts windowstees
Microsoft is looking to cash in on the goodwill of the recent Windows 10 launch with a new line of merchandise to help promote it — and it’s surprisingly cheap too. The firm has now launched a number of t-shirts, all bearing Windows-related logos and catch phrases. Although sizing options are varied, colors are much less so, with blue and black being the only real choices.

Microsoft has been selling t-shirts showing off its company logo, the Xbox brand, and Minecraft for some time now, but this is the first time it’s made Windows 10 apparel available to consumers. Some of the t-shirts sport the Windows 10 logo, while others sport the logo plus catch-phrases like “I do.” Is Microsoft offering to marry each of us?

If you’re not marriage-minded, another t-shirt reads “Eat Sleep Do,” and there’s one that reads “Never Stop Starting,” which is one of the few available in a grey/black alternative to the Windows blue.

There’s also a subtle stab at Apple’s traditional 1984 advert, with one that simply reads “1985.”

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While the selection isn’t exactly wide, the pricing seems pretty fair. Most of the new Windows 10-inspired t-shirts cost just $7 each, with only a few priced higher than that — and even most of those are on sale at just over $10. All are available in sizes from small right through to 3X-Large and in some cases there are even baby alternatives, with designs that will fit 12-24 month-old children.

The pricing becomes even more surprising given that the quality of the shirts appears to be quite high. Microsoft claims that each is made from “4.5-ounce, 100% ring spun cotton,” so these are no cheap polyester garments.

The question is — despite the decent quality and low price tag, would you actually wear one? Are you a big enough Windows fan that you would sport one of these?

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