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Windows 10X, the revolutionary new version of Windows, could be coming in March

Windows 10X, which comes with many new features like an improved tablet mode, modern File Explorer, keyboard, Start Menu, and Action Center could be coming in March. That’s according to the prominent and reliable Microsoft leaker  who on February 25 tweeted and appeared to refer to the operating system as “The New Windows” coming next month.”

Correction: its coming, but maybe not next month, sorry ????

— WalkingCat (@_h0x0d_) February 26, 2021

The tweet is best taken as another rumor and a tease at best, but many well-known journalists with a Microsoft-focus have seemed to confirm @_h0x0d_’s speculation. In one quote tweet, Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino mentions that “this is Windows 10X not Sun Valley,” which is the unrelated rumored update for the regular version of Windows 10 for this fall. Microsoft watcher Brad Sams also appeared in the thread, too, with a subtle reply containing a GIF image.

Additional follow-up from @_h0x0d_, to “The New Windows” tweet mentions it could also be about naming, rather than the timing. This suggests Microsoft might consider marketing Windows 10X as “the new Windows.” Even the timing is still uncertain as @_h0x0d_ speculated in another tweet that “It’s coming, but maybe not next month.”

Microsoft hasn’t officially talked about Windows 10X at all since it announced that it has been refocused for single-screen experiences, but there have been many leaks and rumors along the way. The tweet would be the latest, coming just a few weeks after a leaked virtual hard disk file revealed what many to believe one of the final internal versions of the refocused Windows 10X operating system.

That build provided a peek at many aspects of the next-generation operating system, which Microsoft is believed to only be launching on new education, business, and commercial devices — while it rides out the pandemic to launch it on dual-screen devices later on as originally intended. A new out-of-box experience, redesigned centered taskbar, new animations, and window designs are just a few changes we had discovered.

Another rumor previously pointed to Microsoft holding break-out virtual news events throughout 2021 for Xbox, and the different products in its divisions. Windows 10X was said to be one of those products, so it’s likely any announcement might come as a separate event in March.

Microsoft is already holding the Ignite Digital Conference from March 4-6, but it’s not believed that 10X will be announced at the event, which is primarily focused on developers and IT professionals. As Windows events are typically tied to new hardware, it won’t be too surprising to see another virtual Microsoft event shortly after Ignite. It perhaps will have even more information on the Windows 10 Sun Valley Update, which could give regular Windows 10 a massive design overhaul.

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