Windows Insiders can now sign up to fast-track updates once again

Windows Insider
Microsoft made a big deal of its Windows Insider program in the build up to the release of Windows 10. It allowed early adopters to give much needed, free beta feedback on the state of the OS, its features, flaws, and potential issue, so it was likely with a tear in their eye that a lot of people moved over from their special club, to the bog standard release version of the OS.

Except, they don’t have to! Microsoft has announced that now Windows 10 is out and proud, it’s rebooting the program to test future features and upgrades for its Windows experience.

Much like the program worked before the official release of the new OS, the Insider Program will offer two modes: fast and slow. The former will give users the earliest access possible, letting them trial features before just about anyone but internal Microsoft testers. However, they should bear in mind that it means the update may make their systems unstable and could come with all manner of issues that haven’t been foreseen.

In contrast, the slow ring of Insiders won’t get as many updates as the others. They’ll still get more than the regular Windows users, but it will mean that they aren’t quite on the cutting edge. Of course that should mean it’s a lot more stable when they get there.

To become part of it, follow WinSuperSite’s steps and you’ll be one of the Insiders in no time. Head to Settings > Windows Update > Advanced Options and click on “Get Started,” within the Get Insider Builds menu. Read through the warning messages and acknowledge them as you would with any other software, and then reboot. From there you’re one of the clique.

Congratulations. Now just keep your eye out for issues and let Microsoft know if you spot anything. It does appreciate the help.

If at any point you don’t want to be part of the program any more, all you need to do is head into Windows Update as you did before and unsubscribe yourself. A reboot will likely be required too.

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