Yahoo Bid Hits Gates’s Wealth

Yahoo Bid Hits Gates's WealthYou have to feel sorry for Bill Gates. Not only has his company, Microsoft, been publicly rejected as Yahoo’s suitor,but then ensuing fall in Microsoft’s share prices have hit his personal wealth. Poor Bill now has to scrape by on a mere $58 billion, making him only the third-richest man in the world, ratherthan the richest – a title he’d held for the last 13 years, according to Forbes magazine. Of course, that $58 billion is still up $2 billion on last year. So who beat Bill? The richestman is financier Warren Buffet, followed by Mexico’s Carlos Silm Helu. Who? He’s a Mexican telecoms giant, with a fortune worth a cool $60 billion. The baby on the list in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. At 23 and with a just a tiny $1.5 billion he’s well down the list, but Forbes believe he “might just be the youngest self-madebillionaire in history,” according to ZDNet.

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