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When you really need to get from Florida to the Bahamas in under an hour

You might not choose to waterski behind a superyacht, but what if you could? Larger boats have traditionally been slower than shorter models, but newer power plant designs and engine combinations are changing the paradigm. Fila Group‘s AB Yachts recently built a 100-foot AB100 superyacht named Spectre for a private buyer with a need for speed, according to Robb Report.

The Spectre’s new owner didn’t appreciate the 25-mph top end of his previous yacht and wanted a roomy and well-appointed vessel that could get him where he wanted to go a lot faster than his last boat. AB Yachts, which specializes in fast open motor yachts with waterjets, delivered on the promise, more than doubling the performance of the owner’s previous boat. Spectre has a top speed of 62 mph and a cruising speed of 52 mph.

The Specter has three MAN V-12 1,900 hp diesel engines, designed specifically for use in yachts 100 feet and longer. The AB 100 has three Marine Jet Propulsion waterjet thrusters paired with the diesel mills. Waterjets are used for navigation and added speed. According to AB Yachts, Spectre is able to run at full speed with “no vibrations and in total stability and maximum comfort of navigation.”

Spectre has a 22-foot beam. The main deck saloon and master suite are full-width. The stern has a sun deck and entertainment area with a standard garage area converted into a beach house. Buyers can configure the roomy interior to suit their own needs.

AB Yachts’ designs range from the AB 58 to the AB 145. In each case, the number represents the length in feet. Because the cutoff length for superyachts is 24 meters (78 feet), the 30.5 meter AB100 qualifies for the designation and is the “smallest” of the AB Yachts models to do so. Licensing, registration, and operation regulations vary by boat class and by country and can be more onerous than for shorter vessels, but for superyacht bragging rights, the 24-meter class is the benchmark.

And in the case of the AB 100 Spectre, there’s no sacrifice in speed for the longer length. Notably, there is no mention of fuel consumption, although for superyacht buyers, fuel costs may not be a significant consideration.

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