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Forward to the Future: The world's first hoverboard is now on Kickstarter

The Making of ArcaBoard
Want to feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself? Taking part in ArcaBoard’s new Kickstarter campaign may be just the medicine for you. The company behind the world’s first real hoverboard (as in one that actually levitates) has now taken to the crowdfunding platform in order to bring millions of people’s dreams to life, and they need your help. So if you want to know what it feels like to fly, and make it possible for the rest of the market to have that feeling too, you might consider heading over to Kickstarter right around now.

The ArcaBoard, which we first told you about last Christmas, has made a number of exciting announcements since it was first released. For one, it’s significantly dropped in price (it was last made available for pre-order for the bargain cost of $14,900), and it also unveiled new replaceable battery packs so that you can extend your six minutes of flight time without having to spend 35 minutes in between each ride re-juicing your board. But now, thanks to Kickstarter, the deals are about to get even sweeter — at least, from a financial standpoint.

The team is looking to raise $250,000 over the next several weeks, which is no small sum. But considering the interest it has already managed to drum up around its revolutionary product, that may not be such a far-fetched amount. And what’s more, they’re actually offering the ArcaBoard for a mere $10,000 to the most dedicated of Kickstarter backers. Sure, that sounds like a ton of money, but when you consider that the hoverboard was first released for pre-order at $19,900, that 50-percent discount starts to look pretty appealing.

If you want to fly an ArcaBoard but don’t want to shell out quite that much cash to own one, never fear — you can also become a test pilot for the transportation device if you donate $2,000 or more. This sum will allow you to “spend five days with ARCA’s engineers and perform flight tests and be directly involved in the R&D process for the ArcaBoard.”

Nothing else appears to have changed from our last report on the board’s technical specs, though things may fluctuate a bit once the board actually goes into production. But you can rest assured that this baby actually works — the team recently released a video of the ArcaBoard in action.

So what are you waiting for? Help make history by funding the world’s first real hoverboard.

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