New Artec 3D scanner creates gorgeous, accurate replicas of physical objects

If you want to build your own Tron-esque virtual world, you’ll probably need a device to scan 3D objects and create digital copies. Artec 3D has just the thing to help. The company is a leader in the field of 3D scanning, and showed off its latest creation, the Artec Leo, at CES 2018.

The Leo is a handheld 3D scanner with a processor and other electronics packed inside. That means it doesn’t need an external computer to function. The scanner has a large field of view, and can reconstruct a 3D object in digital form at 80 frames per second. Once rendered, the digital models show a pristine level of detail. If you want to create a model of a friend through 3D printing, Artec could create a frighteningly accurate replica.

If you’re an average consumer, you may want to save up a bit before buying a Leo, as the device costs $25,800. That makes sense, given that Artec markets the device to industrial engineers and medical institutions, for whom the device is a pricey but useful business expense.

Digital Trends also got to try out Artec’s Shapify booth, which can scan a human body in 12 seconds and create an immaculate 3D model.