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Edelkrone’s 3D-printed wearable monopod fits in your pocket and your budget

Tripods and monopods tend to be among the bulkiest camera gear, but Edelkrone’s latest camera support system can tuck inside a pocket — and is only $29. On Thursday, September 12, Edelkrone launched the Ortak PocketShot 3D, a 3D-printable camera support system that uses a hinge system to convert from wearable monopod to chest support to tabletop camera stand.

As part of the Ortak line, the PocketShot 3D consists of $29 worth of machined aluminum parts (plus the cost of 3D printing materials) and a downloadable 3D printing file to make and assemble the rig at home. The DIY aspect creates a serious price drop from the company’s similar PocketRig 2, which sells for about $250.

The PocketShot 3D is a collapsible, convertible camera support system. The hinge design allows the system that folds small enough to tuck in a pocket to adapt to several different types of small camera supports. The accessory can be used as a wearable waist monopod attached to a belt, chest support or top handle for added support while on the go. The PocketShot 3D can also be used as a tabletop stand, a camera handle or extended camera arm.

Like the original Red Dot Award-winning PocketShot introduced launched a few years ago, the 3D version uses friction and a hinge design to reconfigure to the different uses without buttons or locks. The accessory can also accommodate accessories like LED lights and microphones. The original PocketShot has since been upgraded to the latest PocketRig 2 that works with accessories like a follow focus.

Edelkrone doesn’t list a weight limit, but says the camera support system is compatible with camcorders and DSLRs.

The PocketShot 3D is Edelkrone’s third product relaunched as a 3D printed variation. The Ortak line uses a mix of parts and 3D printing files for photographers and videographers to DIY the accessory at home. The line also includes the FlexTilt Head 3D tripod head and the Skater 3D tabletop dolly.

Edelkrone says the PocketShot 3D has been tested with the Utimaker, Prusa i3 MK3S, and Zaxe 3D printers. The PocketShot 3D machined aluminum parts, printing file, and assembly instructions are available directly from Edelkrone.

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