HomePNA Alliance Updating Standards

The HomePNA alliance, an industry trade group focused on developing standards for home networking over both phone line and coax cables, earlier this week announced they’d begun working on a new specification to support 320 Megabits per second of data transfer. The new 3.1 specification is intended to “provide the highest speed option for in-home distribution of new triple-play services such as IPTV”.

The HomePNA 3.1 specification, the trade group said, builds upon HomePNA 3.0 technology standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in May 2005. The new protocol will “enable user throughput close to the data rate while additional enhancements will also support multi-band operation for even higher network throughput”.

Work on the new specification is expected to be completed this summer. HomePNA member companies intend to present recommendations based on version 3.1 to the ITU after it has been released to its membership.