$$ in Digital Content Big Deal to Gen Y

A survey conducted by KRC Research for hard drive maker Hitachi today revealed that the average Generation Y consumer (18-24 years) has significantly more dollar value stored on their consumer electronics devices then others. Data collected also points out, Hitachi said, that consumers want two to three times more digital storage than they currently have.

The study, conducted during August, showed that on average American adults have $1,135 worth of entertainment stored on devices like laptops, MP3 players, DVRs and mobile phones. Generation Y, by contrast, averages out at around $2,199 stored on the same types of devices.

As for the amount of storage, almost half of those surveyed have between 1 and 200GB of storage across all of their devices, with Generation Y again being the stand out by most likely having the most storage capacity in a given population. In addition, 60 percent of all surveyed wish they had more storage available on their current devices, while nearly one third also said they wish they had so much storage that it was never an issue.

“As hard drives shrink in size and increase in capacity, the kinds of consumer electronics devices they inspire are changing how people accumulate and store entertainment in their homes and lives,” said Bill Healy, senior vice president, marketing, HDD business planning and strategy, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. “Young people are truly at the heart of this revolution and have a huge interest in creating a digital lifestyle. Based on the decreasing cost-per-megabyte of storage, we believe that hard drives will represent the best solution for meeting this consumer storage demand for the foreseeable future.”

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