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Digital Trends Live: Tesla Model Y, TikTok vs. ‘ugly’ people, PlayStation 5

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler discusses the biggest tech stories of the day, including (wait for it) more coronavirus updates from Amazon, YouTube, Uber, the entertainment industry, and others. In other news, TikTok suppresses “ugly” people, Tesla delivers the Model Y, smell-o-vision chips become a thing, PlayStation 5 makes some news, and more.

DT Senior Editor Drew Prindle then joins the show to dig a bit deeper into the coronavirus crisis, and discusses the everyday tech being developed to fight viruses.

Todd Achilles

Todd Achilles, president and chief executive officer of Edge Networks, talks about how to deliver better streaming capabilities to rural areas, and how areas outside of big cities need a better over-the-air solution.

We then look at some new home tech that helps combat the spread of germs, from doorknobs that are bacteria resistant to self-cleaning toilets.

Mark Lawrence

Nibler later speaks with Mark Lawrence, co-founder and CEO of SpotHero, which manages off-street parking spots, pairing property owners with people who need a place to park.

Curt Avallone

Finally, we talk with Curt Avallone, chief business officer of Takeoff Technologies, Inc., about grocery store automation at the local level, and how it’s bringing financially feasible fulfillment automation to smaller, local stores.

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