iSkoot Offers Mobile Voice to Skype Calls

Start up iSkoot yesterday announced they were offering a new peer-to-peer network connecting cell phones to PC calls without custom phones, PCs or Wi-Fi. The iSkoot Mobile Network will initially be available for Cingular customers and supports Skype only, though the company plans to expand later to a wider selection of carriers and Internet phone services.

The iSkoot Mobile Network, according to iSkoot, requires that users download a small piece of software to their mobile phone. This software, which is currently in beta, has users log into their Internet chat service, such as Skype, so that they can then call their online buddies over the mobile phone’s voice network. To use the service, which is free during the beta, callers need a mobile calling plan with a data service subscription.

“We are extremely excited about offering Skype users true mobility,” said Jacob Guedalia, Chief Executive Officer, iSkoot, in a statement. “The iSkoot Mobile Network completely frees Skype users from their PCs. It provides an on-ramp to the PC-PC network for cell phone users. With the iSkoot software solution on your mobile phone, consumers can use the Internet to call their online buddies without ever having to use their PC or a broadband connection. Once cell phone users download the iSkoot software to their regular handsets, they will be able to do everything they do with PC Calling, but with true mobility, even away from Wi-Fi hot spots.”