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Your fingerprint is the key to unlocking this notebook called the Lockbook

If your childhood diary had been this secure, your parents would’ve never been able to get into it. Meet the Lockbook, heralded as the world’s first fingerprint-protected notebook. That’s right — biometric technology isn’t just on your phone anymore. It’s on paper, too.

With a month left in its Indiegogo campaign, the Lockbook has already blown past its original funding goal, having raised over $42,000 from 171 backers who clearly have some secrets they need to protect. The primary feature of the notebook, of course, is its biometric fingerprint sensor, which ensures that only you (and those you allow) can access the contents of the book. But beyond that, the Lockbook is a pretty solid accessory for creatives, doodlers, and anyone else who just needs a place to jot down ideas from time to time.

The notebook claims to use “high quality ink-friendly paper” that is “ideal for smooth writing.” And thanks to multiple pockets, you can store documents, pictures, credit cards, and other items, all while knowing that they’re safe from prying eyes and hands.

So how do you actually open the Lockbook if you are an authorized user? Claiming a “higher sensitivity” fingerprint sensor than those used in some other products, you need only to press down lightly at the edge of the notebook, and if the print has been stored, the notebook will snap open. Apparently, you can open and close the Lockook in less than a second when pressed for time.

And because this particular notebook comes with a binder organizer, ring binder, dividers, and perforated pages for tear-out memos, you’ll be able to organize your life like never before. Don’t worry about running out of paper, either — this notebook is meant to used time and time again, as the modular organizer allows you to refill it with new looseleaf paper once you’ve run out.

You can preorder a Lockbook from Indiegogo now for the early bird price of $39. You’ll receive it in June of this year, which makes it perfect for going back to school.

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