‘World’s first modular eye mask’ promises some serious shuteye

Eye masks can be tricky affairs. The challenge of maneuvering them into place to block out all traces of light can be enough to keep you awake at night, which, of course, rather defeats the whole idea. They can be uncomfortable, too, with your eyes feeling the pressure of the pads as you move around in search of a comfortable position.

The Manta Sleep Mask, described as the “world’s first modular eye mask for sleeping,” hopes to change all that.

And judging by the thousands of Kickstarter backers who together have so far offered more than 10 times the Manta’s funding target, there’s plenty of call for a decent mask that offers some serious shuteye or a meditative rest.

The key to the Manta’s design is its adjustability. Recognizing that traditional eye masks adopt a cumbersome one-size-fits-all approach, the Manta offers a personalized fit that allows you to move its cushioned eye contours into a position that feels comfortable for your eyes while completely blocking out all surrounding light.

For maximum comfort and a perfect fit, the Manta has been designed with soft, breathable cotton, and incorporates micro Velcro, anti-slip gel, and an elastic stretch band. The modular sections that cover your eyes have also been designed in a way that prevents pressure on your eyelids often experienced with conventional eye masks.

Seattle-based designer Mark Zhang said trials showed that the Manta works for “99 percent of all face shapes and gives you 100 percent blackout … Regardless of your ethnicity, age, gender, nose shape, or preferred sleeping position, Manta’s patent-pending adjustable modular eye contours create the perfect seal — because it’s specifically tailored to you.”

manta eye mask blackout

Bonus features include a pair of earplugs and a carrying pouch that doubles as a laundry mesh net so you can machine wash your the Manta without fear of damaging it.

With more than three weeks left to run, Manta’s Kickstarter campaign still has a handful of early-bird offers available, but you’ll have to be quick. Still, if you miss the $20 offer, or the $35-for-two deal, the Manta will only cost a little more — $30 — when it hits retail stores. Shipping is set to begin in August, 2017.

The only issue you’ll have with the Manta is that you might find it hard to pull yourself from your restful slumber. In that case, one of these cool alarm clocks might come in handy.

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