Inhalable nutrients offer an alternative to energy drinks and supplements

In today’s world — with its emphasis on nutrition, health and wellness — it’s not just the high-level athletes who are juggling a daily buffet of energy drinks and supplements to take care of their bodies. Wouldn’t it be easier if there was a simple, one-stop-shop to give you all the nutritional supplements you need? Wouldn’t it be great if said approach was similar to vaping, thereby fulfilling both health and hipster criteria in one? That is what a new startup named Nutriair claims to have created with its series of currently available inhalable nutrients, designed to enter the body through the process of micro-aerosolization.

There are 11 different Nutriair devices, promising to boost everything from your energy levels to your quality of sleep. “Each of the 11 has their own designated flavoring, and we have correlated the flavoring with the function,” CEO Josh Matzkin told Digital Trends. “For example, Nutriair Sleep has an earl grey taste to it, which is synonymous to peacefulness, [while] Nutriair Energy has a sweet mint flavoring to perk you up.”


To use one of the devices, simply inhale it gently into your lungs for a couple of seconds, and then exhale through your mouth. A handy LED light will let you know when you need to switch to a new device, having exhausted the previous one.

At present, researchers are seemingly in disagreement about the positives and negatives of vaping. However, medicinal inhalation therapy has a number of things working in its favor as a method of nutrient delivery. These include its rapid response and the fact that it carries lower dose requirements, due to the greater absorption of intact nutrients to the bloodstream. According to Matzkin, the company is currently in the middle of trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of its devices, beyond the Food and Drug Administration approval for nutritional supplements they currently carry.

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“Nutriair is currently evaluating the efficacy of its products by measuring the brainwave characteristics of subjects before and after inhaling Nutriair Energy and Focus,” he said. “Likewise, Nutriair Sleep is also being evaluated using a non-intrusive breathing monitor to measure sleep duration and sleep levels. The inhalation research that has been conducted regarding medicines, proteins, and peptides provides a sound scientific basis for applying those findings to the inhalation of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements. Although there is a scarcity of information on the inhalation of nutrients, current research studies — like those being conducted by NV Nutrition — are advancing the science of nutrient inhalation.”

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