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Robo 3D is building an entire ecosystem for your 3D-printing needs

San Diego-based Robo 3D got into the 3D-printing game early with a 2012 Kickstarter. A few years later and they’re still at it, with more and better hardware on offer, and a growing ecosystem of support products aimed at helping people get involved with this emerging tech. We spoke to Robo 3D co-founder Braydon Moreno on the floor at CE Week’s GetGeeked event to learn more about what the company has coming down the pipe.

In addition to their currently available flagship printer, the R1 Plus, Robo 3D will be launching two new models in September. Beyond just the hardware, though, Robo 3D offers kits to build particular objects, such as drones, clocks, or a working arcade cabinet. The kits are sold separately or in bundles with the printer itself. Moreno said that some of them already available now on Robo 3D’s website, and plans call for having 10 kits available by the end of the year that offer a wide range of hobby projects to get amateurs into the exciting world of 3D printing.

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