Want custom 3D-printed soles for your shoes? Now, you can get them from Ryka

ryka sols 3d printing screen shot 2016 08 17 at 8 26 03 pm
Your foot is unlike anyone else’s, so why wear a shoe meant for anyone and everyone? That appears to be the question driving the new partnership between footwear technology company Sols and women’s athletic footwear brand Rykä. Moving forward, Rykä will offer shoes that integrate Sols’ 3D-printed orthotics, which are created using the MAPP3D customization platform. Because your foot is special enough to deserve its own special treatment.

The new collaboration comes as little surprise to Rykä, as the company has long been focused on the anatomy of women’s feet. Their shoes, the company claims, take everything from foot shape to stride angle into consideration. But now, its attention to detail is being taken to the next level, as Sols will be able to contribute its technology and its “wellness benefits of custom 3D-printed orthotics.

“Today’s consumer is looking for customization and comfort. Partnering with Sols allows us to offer a truly customized product solution,” said Deb Krivelow, SVP and GM of Rykä, one of the Caleres brands. “This is just the beginning of unlocking the potential around 3-D printing.”

Natacha Alpert, senior manager of innovation at Caleres, Rykä’s parent company, echoed these sentiments. “Introducing 3-D printing technology positions Rykä into the forefront of the fast-moving needs of the industry while satisfying the needs of the consumer,” she said.

Women will be able to get their hands on a pair of these Rykä shoes for the first time in August at the SCW Mania Fitness Conference in Dallas, which is slated to take place later this month. For a limited time, Sols will be available only to RykäFit consumers.

“Rykä’s approach to female biomechanics is exemplary, and mirrors our own vision that no two feet are made equal. By partnering with Rykä, we’re reducing the reliance on aftermarket products for customized support, and ensuring a perfect fit every time,” said Sols founder and CEO Kegan Schouwenburg. “We love that a female focused brand is leading the charge towards mass customization.”

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