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Skype Fires Up New Voicemail, Software

VOIP provider Skype today announced they released the latest version of their Skype for Windows software, as well as unveiling a new pay-for voicemail option.

Skype Voicemail, which will cost $7 for three months or $19 for one year, allows customers to leave unlimited voicemail messages for other Skype users when they are unavailable or offline. Customers, according to a press release from Skype, will also be able to send pre-recorded voice greetings to all Skype users, regardless of whether or not that user also subscribes to the service.

Other features of the new voicemail service include checking Skype voicemail messages from all types of phones, the ability to personalize voicemail greetings and the ability to receive messages up to 10 minutes in length.

“As we continue to enhance the Skype offering, we expand Skype’s benefits to users and deliver more potential in modern communication and collaboration,” said Niklas Zennstrom, CEO and co-founder of Skype. “We’re pleased to offer Skype Voicemail as an affordable premium enhancement to the more than 42 million Skype users around the world.”

As for the software, the new Skype for Windows 1.3 includes enhancements for importing contact lists from a variety of desktop applications, a more customizable user profile area and new animated emoticons for instant messages.

The latest Skype for Windows, as well as more information on the new voicemail service, can be found at the VOIP company’s website.

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