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When your phone is too small for big ideas, you need a smart whiteboard

I’m a little addicted to whiteboards. I love them, I use them daily, and I have multiple whiteboards in my office. Even my desk is a whiteboard. So when I found out about smart whiteboards, I fell in love!

I’m not talking about some insanely expensive Microsoft Surface, either. I’m talking about the Smart Kapp, a giant whiteboard that lets you draw on it with a marker like any other, but it broadcasts your strokes to an app where anyone can watch. They even come in multiple sizes and types.

This device really shines when you’re trying to share ideas with someone who isn’t physically in the same room. Or after a conference meeting, everyone can access and keep the ideas that were presented. Or in the classroom, students can carry the notes home digitally.

I’m not a big fan of QR codes, but the Smart Kapp uses them wisely. You open up the Kapp mobile app (for Android or iOS), sync your phone or tablet with the board, and as soon as someone writes on the board, you’ll get it on your app in real time. You can save the information for later viewing too!

The one catch: On this version, you do have to avoid resting your hand on the surface while writing. It will actually break the real time transfer of information.

This version is $899. So yes, it’s a bit more expensive than a regular whiteboard. But at least it’s not $30,000. And of course, these prices will start to come down over time, as with any cool new technology.

What could you imagine using this smart whiteboard for? Leave a comment below, and use the links above to share this video on your favorite social media site.

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