DT Daily: HDTV antenna guide, heat by cost, teen car hack shocks industry

Today on DT Daily: How to get awesome HD TV on your HDTV for free, a thermostat you set by cost, and a 14-year-old hacks the entire auto industry.

If you’re tired of doling out a ton of cash for your cable TV service, we’re here to help. But not with the paying the bill part, sorry. Instead of cable, have you considered just using an antenna? Check out our comprehensive guide.

Heating your home can be expensive but instead of fearing your heating bill, the Thermoneystat thermostat lets you set the heat according to how much it’s going to cost. It’s pretty cool. Or hot. Or something like that. Check out the Kickstarter campaign.

A recent report suggested carmakers are not taking cyber threats to their high-tech people movers seriously enough. Well, they are now. Why? Because a 14-year-old kid who went to a Radio Shack with $20 in his pocket just totally jacked a car at the recent CyberAuto Challenge. Here’s what he did.

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