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DT Daily MWC 2017: Top Tech awards, Snake on the Nokia 3310, and more

Day three of Mobile World Congress 2017 was dominated by our awards, but we still found time to have some fun with the new Nokia 3310 feature phone and try out the new Nokia smartphones. It turns out, the famous old brand has learned some new tricks.

The day began by presenting our awards to the winners. LG took the best of show with the LG G6 smartphone, a device that has pulled off a very special trick — it has fitted a big screen into a genuinely compact body. The unique 18:9 aspect ratio screen gave LG the chance to play around with some really fun interface effects, which even has picture enhancing tech from your TV inside to make watching video a real pleasure.

Huawei’s P10 took best phone, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 took best tablet, the Huawei Watch 2 was given best wearable, the incredible LiFi technology won the cool tech prize, the Kado Wallet took best accessory, and the cute and fun Nokia 3310 won best gadget.

We got hold of the Nokia 3310 to try it out. Not because it’s a high-tech masterpiece, but because it has a revamped version of the classic Snake game. Our mobile team went head to head against each other to see who could score the highest, all the while marveling at the little phone, that manages to capture the nostalgia associated with the original perfectly, but with the right modern touches to make it worth considering today.

Then it was time to check out the new Nokia phones, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6. This new range comes with standard Android 7.0 installed, and the promise of regular updates for security and features. That’s something many other manufacturers don’t always adopt. We like the look and feel of the Nokia hardware, too, and were particularly taken with the Nokia 5, which combines the best features with the most pleasant design.

Tomorrow is the last day of MWC 2017, but we’ve still got plenty of cool tech to show you, so join us again tomorrow.

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