Yahoo ditches passwords, Die Hard 6 is both sequel and prequel, and Frozen Chook

It’s October 15 2015, so won’t you join us in wishing Yahoo Mail a very happy 18th birthday? Yes, it’s been that long, and to celebrate, Yahoo is rolling out a comprehensive update to its mail client, which, among other things, ditches passwords … sort of. Yahoo Account Key works by sending users a push notification to their smartphones when they enter their email address at Yahoo mail. Click a button on your phone and you’re in.

If no phone is around, you can use an alternate email address, though that kind of defeats the point. At least now you don’t have to come up with new passwords as silly as your 18-year old Yahoo email address. And you know exactly what we mean, don’t you? But even if the new Account Key thing isn’t for you, check out the new design and a bevy of other features starting today.

Brace yourself movie fans: There’s going to be a Die Hard 6, and it’s going to be both a prequel and a sequel. Yes, John McClane is back and this time the story flashes back to his early years as a New York cop, featuring a younger actor in the role. Then Bruce Willis suddenly shows up and blows everything to hell. Ok, we’re kidding. You’d think that’s what would happen, but rumor has it Willis will only show up to set up the prequel story, which is set in 1979.

The flick doesn’t even have a screenwriter yet, so no word on when the latest Die Hard installment will hit the silver screen, but let’s just hope it doesn’t tank like the last one did.

And finally, just because we had to, here’s the latest from the ‘WTF Internet?’ drawer: The Frozen Chook movement. Seriously, this is a thing and it has people balling up naked in the fetal position because, well, because it makes you look a lot like a frozen chicken.

It’s kind of like the ALS waterbucket challenge except it doesn’t actually stand for anything … call it the new planking, I guess. Whatever … it’s ridiculous, so thank you Internet and let’s hope this passes quickly.

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