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Apple just made iOS devices better tools for aspiring musicians and DJs. For creatives with a clever idea they don’t want to lose, a new app called Music Memos will record whatever you play or sing, interpret the chord changes, and chart them. Even better, it will add bass and drum tracks to your recording based on the rhythm, tempo, and chord changes for your song.

For would-be DJ’s, Garage band has a new feature called Live Loops. Within Live Loops, you can pick different beat styles such as EDM, House or Chill, then start building on that foundation with a selection of breaks, fills, and  drops. Once your creation is done you can share it with the world. The interface is best on an iPad, but the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus take advantage of 3D touch to add some cool tweaks.

Music Memos is available now at the Apple App store, and you can update Garage Band whenever you’re ready to put Skrillex on notice.

When you bank as much cash as Microsoft does, its best to give back every once in a while. It’s a smart PR move and it also has the fringe benefit of helping humanity in ways that don’t necessarily involve Cortana or the Surface Pro tablet.

This time around, Microsoft is making headlines as it announces it will offer $1 Billion in cloud services over a three-year period to non-profits and researchers. That kind of sounds like an ulterior motive to get folks to surrender themselves to the almighty cloud (because it is), but the offer could have tangible benefits both to Microsoft, which stands to score some new big-name clients, and to organizations that could use a boost in computing power and enhanced access to data and analytics intelligence.

Finally, if you aren’t using Google Chrome to browse the web, what is wrong with you? Surrender to the Google, already!

Seriously, though, if you haven’t felt compelled to give Chrome a shot before, you might want to reconsider now, as a forthcoming tweak is going to help it load web pages up to 26% faster and it’s going to use up less data if you’re surfing on a mobile device. It’s all thanks to a compression algorithm called Brotli which replaces the existing algorithm called Zopfli – proving once again that Google doesn’t have to be good at naming things to make stuff more awesome.

I mean … Alphabet. Come on.

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