Fitness band face-off: Fitbit wins in court against Jawbone, fight likely to continue

Battle of the (fitness) bands

Fitness band makers Fitbit and Jawbone have been going at it over tech secrets in court lately, and now Fitbit has won a major victory. Jawbone had accused Fitbit of copying its tech when it comes to fitness bands, but a court said Fitibit wasn’t guilty.

Jawbone said they will continue to pursue the case.

Now that’s a tasty OS

Google is rolling out their latest version of the Android mobile OS, known as version 7, or Nougat. The OS features more user controls and a long list of features, covered here by Digital Trends. Will your Android phone be upgrade eligible? Go here and check our lists to find out.

The Woz wants his headphone jack back

Apple is getting ready to roll out the next iPhone, and it’s pretty solid that it won’t have a standard headphone jack. That doesn’t sit well with Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs. Jobs was notorious for deleting legacy tech from new models (floppy drives, DVD drives, etc.), but the loss of the headphone jack may be a bridge too far for some people.

Woz says he thinks Bluetooth audio sounds “flat” and we’re inclined to agree. Will Apple include wireless headsets with each new phone? Or will they force buyers to also spend money on a lightning adapter? We’ll know more very soon.