Spatial audio is coming to Google Cardboard, matching VR sight and sound | DT Daily

It’s Wednesday, January 13 and much like the Apple TV was just a fun project until it because a real-deal money maker, Google Cardboard has gone from 7-th grade science project to a full blown VR department complete with a newly named boss. Google’s VR ambitions are big, with YouTube 360-degree videos providing the content and Cardboard the means to enjoy it.

But one of Cardboard’s weaknesses is that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as it looks.  That’s about to change now with the announcement that Google is adding a spatial audio feature to Cardboard, which will supply sound that’s as immersive as the video itself. The idea is that the sound you get from your headphones will  offer pinpoint placement of sounds in 360-degree space, matching up what you see with what you hear, and changing positions as you turn your head or otherwise physically move through space.

This coupled with audio companies like Sennheiser making the microphones and software that can capture 360-degree audio and process it, VR is starting to “sound” cooler all the time. Sorry, had to go there.

Amazon Prime is already a killer deal between the free two-day shipping, music service, and massive streaming movie and TV catalog that comes with it. You don’t really need another reason to join, but Amazon is giving one to you anyway: A 20% discount on new video games.

The discount will apply to orders during the pre-order period and continue for two weeks after the title’s release. If you have any games on pre-order now, Amazon will retroactively apply the discount.

Believe it or not, there are even more perks to Amazon Prime, and we’ve got a killer article listing them all out right here.

Finally, if you’re interested in Apple’s CarPlay enough to make it a guiding point in your new car buying decision, Apple has a webpage to help you out.

There are now more than 100 models that offer Apple’s in-car experience – which, can I just say, is the best in-car infotainment system out there in my opinion – and you can now see all of them on one page. Thanks, Apple.

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