Robot car wars: Waymo vs. Uber stolen tech lawsuit may head to Federal court

Self-driving up the courthouse steps

The Waymo vs. Uber court battle may be about to head to the next level, as in the Federal level. A judge in the current case, which centers on whether former Google/Waymo employee Anthony Levandowski defected to Uber with a hard-drive full of Waymo secrets in tow, has been sent to the U.S. Attorney’s Office to see if it merits a closer look by the Feds. If the “oops moment” in the case is anything to go by, we’d say it probably does.

According to the lawsuit, Waymo was tipped off to the possible transference of trade secrets when it was inadvertently copied in an email from a supplier that showed a new Uber LIDAR circuit board, which looked an awful lot like one of Waymo’s designs. Waymo then filed suit, saying Levandowski made off with about 14,000 Waymo files they claim Uber is using to pump up its own self-driving car and Otto autonomous semi-truck research.

In testimony, Levandowski has taken the fifth, and we’ll have to wait and see if the case goes to the next level of jurisprudence. Stay tuned.

Let’s see just how well A.I. can edit

Microsoft’s Build developer’s conference has wrapped up and one of the more interesting stories to come out of the big developer meet-up is the Windows Story Remix feature due to hit the OS later this year. However, the feature is out now for testing by Windows Insiders.

Story Remix will gather up your photos and videos and automatically construct a fun video out of the content, sort of like what Facebook does with your pix and videos. However, Story Remix can also include pix and videos from your friends as well to liven up the variety. Microsoft says Story Remix uses machine learning and metadata to construct the video show, and you can add in music, special effects and other arty bits.

And if you don’t like what Story Remix comes up with, you can tell it to do it over, and it’ll remix things until you like what you get. Hit this link for more on this interesting new Windows 10 feature.

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Hey surfers, summer is almost here, and if you live in Spain, good news: The surf is always up at The Cove, a giant wave pool built by Wavegarden.

Recently, some pro surfers took to the pool, as it were, and the staff cranked up the wave machine to eleven so they could get some quality tube time. Wavegarden says the waves at the Cove facilities are highly customizable from beginner bumps to 10-foot curls, and they’re planning on opening more of the parks all around the world, including the US, Australia, England and even Marrakesh. Go here for more endless summer surf action.

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