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Latest Amazon Fire TV Stick down to $20 in early Prime Day Deal

Amazon Fire TV Stick (2020)

Prime Day is the perfect opportunity to hunt for deals on Amazon’s portfolio of devices, but if you are hoping to catch a bargain price for the Fire TV Stick, you won’t have to wait until October 13. Early Prime Day deals on Amazon-owned Woot include the Fire TV Stick for only $20, for a 50% discount from its original price of $40.

The Fire TV Stick is a device that attaches to an HDMI port to stream content into any high-definition TV. Its installation takes only a few easy steps, and before long, you will be watching TV shows and movies from your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix and Disney+, on your HDTV.

Bundled with the Fire TV Stick is the Alexa Voice Remote, which makes it much easier to search for content as Amazon’s digital assistant will do the work for you. The remote is also capable of tapping into compatible smart home devices, allowing you to ask Alexa to control the lights and thermostats without having to interrupt your watching.

In addition to TV shows and movies, the Fire TV Stick enables access to a library of casual games that you can play right on the TV screen. It’s a nice bonus feature that adds another dimension to the device, but because playing games with the Alexa Voice Remote isn’t ideal, the experience will be better if you connect a compatible Bluetooth controller.

The full potential of the Fire TV Stick, however, is unlocked if you have an active Prime membership. The device makes it easier to access Prime Video and Prime Music, for example, while also giving you a new platform to enjoy the content offered by these subscription services.

The Fire TV Stick is a powerful little device that breathes new life into your HDTV, and it becomes an even more valuable addition to your entertainment hub if you are heavily invested in Amazon’s ecosystem of content. The Fire TV Stick is currently on sale with a 50% discount on Woot, bringing its price down from $40 to $20 for an offer that may be too hard to refuse.

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