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These monitors are in the discount bin at Staples for as little as $80

Working from home can be difficult if you don’t have a reliable computer setup. A slow mouse or loud keyboard can ruin your focus and jeopardize your productivity, but nothing is as vital to your work as a monitor — especially if you’re working from a small laptop. Our narrowed-down list of great monitor deals to round out your home office setup presents a great selection to choose from that offers great value without too much of a premium. 

However, for those who are living on a budget and want something even more wallet-friendly without sacrificing on quality, we’ve pooled together a trio of effective monitors that get the job done without setting you back an arm and a leg. With brands like AOC and HP, you and your home office are guaranteed reliability and fantastic quality for as little as $80. 

21.5-inch AOC E2270SWHN Monitor (Full HD) — $80, was $90

The AOC E2270SWHN monitor is first up on the list. Not only does it let you save on cash, it also lets you save on space with its minimal 21.5-inch screen. The display doesn’t take up an unnecessary amount of space and manages to deliver the same 1,290 x 1,080 resolution that larger monitors offer but for significantly less. With how rare it is to find monitors below $100 that provide the same caliber as some high-end monitors, this is a diamond in the rough that’s well worth taking. 

Its screen is built with a TFT Active Matrix LCD that provides rich color and bright visuals to enliven your eyes and keep you focused with beaming LED backlights. You have to be seated directly in front of your screen to get the full view, though, since it’s not an IPS screen. Every image is sharp and isn’t affected by pixelation, so your viewing experience never gets compromised as you work. 

The AOC E2270SWHN isn’t perfect. What you’ll quickly discover is its vulnerability to glare when in front of the sun or other strong light sources. But as long as you don’t work near a window or have lights that shine directly into the monitor’s view, you should have no problems. Its retail price on Staples is $90 — which is already a great value — but you can get it now while it’s on sale for only $80.


24-inch HP P241V Monitor (Full HD) — $110, was $140

The HP P241V monitor is marginally pricier than the AOC E2270SWHN, but what you get in turn is an improved monitor with upgraded features that are well worth the price. Striking the perfect balance in terms of screen size, this 24-inch monitor provides everything you would need from a display — but better. It also offers Full HD with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution to ensure that you don’t miss out on a single pixel and are getting the total visual package delivered to you on-screen. 

Where it differs from the AOC E2270SWHN is in its abandonment of the TFT LCD in favor of IPS panels. What this means is that you and whoever you’re working with are no longer restricted to facing the monitor directly to avoid image degradation. With wider viewing angles, you can sit or use the monitor from any position and still see what’s on screen without it fading or dulling. The IPS panels also allow more lucid and dynamic colors as compared to a TFT LCD. While the latter isn’t bad in terms of overall visual quality, IPS panels improve on what they had, and the jump in user experience is definitely worth the extra price. 

Additionally, the HP P241V also comes with anti-glare technology, so any light sources — whether it’s the sun or just a regular bulb — won’t affect your visibility. This allows you to work anywhere you want without worrying about where the light is shining. It’s currently on sale on Staples for only $110, $30 off its retail price.


27-inch AOC 27E1H Monitor (Full HD) — $130, was $180

The AOC 27E1H is the last and most costly option on our list, but even then, it’s still cheaper than some high-end monitor deals we’ve found that offer the same quality. With its large 27-inch screen, you’re getting the full view of whatever image you’re looking at. It isn’t so wide that your eyes are forced to focus on too much either, being an optimal compromise between size and ease of use. The monitor also comes in Full HD with 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, allowing you to get crisp visuals. Some might argue, however, that a 4K monitor with the same size would be a better investment, but if you don’t need the extra pixels in the way that a photographer or video editor might, then you’re more than good to go with the standard FHD. 

Just like the HP P241v, the AOC 27E1H also comes with IPS panels for vivid colors, great sharpness, and high clarity. Coupled with the larger size, the IPS panels make the monitor an ideal screen for sharing and distant viewing regardless of whichever angle or seat you’re in. Plus, the monitor can be adjusted and tilted according to your liking. The AOC 27E1H also has something the previous monitors don’t besides size. With AOC’s Lowblue Light, your eyes can rest comfortably knowing that the monitor automatically reduces the harmful effects of harsh blue light emissions. This way, you can work longer hours without worrying about any long-term effects of staring at a screen for long periods of time.

The AOC 27E1H has its flaws as well, though. The first of these is its lack of anti-glare, making it susceptible to the sun and other light sources that can interfere with what’s displayed on screen. But as long as you avoid facing your monitor toward any bright lights, this should be a non-issue. If you move office setups around a lot, the monitor might be a bit on the hefty side with its 12-pound weight. Of course, if you’re settled down in one spot, then this becomes a minor issue. You can check this screen out on Staples where you can get it for $50 off its retail price, down to a very good sale price of just $130. With nothing but good reviews to back it up, this monitor is definitely one you can trust.


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