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Best Prime Day Dyson deals for 2021

All the latest Amazon Prime Day Dyson deals and sales

It’s Prime Day, and the day one sales are half over already. If you’re looking for a new and reliable vacuum cleaner, we have our eye on all the best Prime Day Dyson deals that are part of the massive amount of Prime Day deals happening now. This is the ideal time to take advantage of deep discounts so you can enjoy a superior vacuuming experience for less or treat yourself to a few extra features, such as a focus on pet hair removal. We also have the best deals for other Dyson products, including air purifiers, hairdryers, and fans. The focus may be on Dyson vacuums, but we’d never forget the joy of its other products, too. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered with a look at the best Prime Day Dyson sales, plus some insight into what to look for before making a purchase.

Of course, if you’re sick to death of having to manually vacuum your own home like it’s 1999, then we also have the best Prime Day Roomba deals for anyone looking to command a robot vacuum to do their bidding. Alternatively, if you want to check out all the different robot vacuums out there, our look at the best Prime Day robot vacuum deals will also help you out with all the best prices across Prime Day for robot vacuums. However you plan on cleaning your home, read on while we take a look at the best Prime Day Dyson sales going on right now, and find out what to look for when buying one.

Best Prime Day Dyson deals

Dyson's Cyclone V10 Animal cordless stick vacuum cleaner runs for up to an hour per battery charge and has 55% more suction than the V7 series.
Lightweight and versatile Dyson V7 Allergy cord-free stick vacuum cleaner runs for up to 30 minutes per charge and easily converts from stick vac to handheld.
The Dyson V10 digital motor is the smallest but strongest vacuum motor with a ceramic shaft and 125,000 rpm for powerful suction. Get up to 60 minutes of suction with three power modes.
The Dyson V8 Absolute model includes two cleaner heads for regular cleaning and large debris. With up 150% more power than the Dyson V6, the V8 runs up to 40 minutes per charge.
Almost identical to the Dyson AM11 in form and function, the Dyson TP02 comes with the added benefit of Dyson Link — a nifty little application that lets you control it from a smartphone or tablet.
Light and versatile, the Dyson V8 Animal is an ideal helper for all-around home cleaning. It comes in an upright stick form and can transform into a handheld vacuum for tackling above-floor areas.
Engineered for whole-home cleaning, Dyson's V11 Animal Cordless runs for up to 60 minutes per charge. High torque cleaning head and air filtration to 0.3 microns.
Dyson is known for its sleek and compact design while purifying the air in your home. This tower fan senses and displays real-time air quality, while capturing allergens and pollutants.
Dyon's Pure Hot and Cool HP01 HEPA air purifier, space heater, and fan is rated for large rooms. Removes allergens, dust, mold, pet dander, bacteria and more from the air.
Dyson's Cyclone V10 Motorhead model comes with a direct drive cleaner head, combination cleaning tool, crevice tool, wall dock, and charger. Get up to 60 minutes suction per charge.
Dyson's V7 Motorhead cordless stick vacuum cleaner is lightweight, versatile, and runs for up to 30 minutes per battery charge.
Give your home a fresh new coat of dust-free paint with the Dyson V8 Motorhead Origin vacuum, perfect for homeowners who want to do their spring-cleaning at a blazing speed.
Dyson's most powerful cordless stick vac comes with two rechargeable battery packs and a 150% larger dust bin than other Dyson V11s. Clean your whole house with up to 120 minutes running time.
The V11 latest generation Dyson cordless stick vacuum purifies as it cleans, removing bacteria and allergens. Optimizes for all floor types and runs for up to 60 minutes on a single battery charge.
Hassle-free, brush-free, and frizz-free, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is designed with their innovative blade-less tech for exceptional speed, with three settings for drying and styling.
Dyson's V8 Animal cordless stick vacuum cleaner with up to 40 minutes of runtime per charge. Easily converts from stick vac to handheld.
Vacuums can make even the toughest cleaning jobs easier to handle and the Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the best right now. It may come at a high price but Amazon's deal lets you in on some savings.
Dyson's smartest and most power cordless stick vacuum for whole home cleaning. Up to 60 minute of run time, air filtering, and automatic power adjustment.

Should you buy a new Dyson on Prime Day?

Prime Day is a pretty good time to buy anything you can think of. Amazon is always keen to discount the best devices out there and Dyson is a hugely attractive name for many, which increases the chance of great price cuts. Sure, you could wait until the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales but that means you’ll have to suffer another few months with your existing vacuum cleaner and if you’re considering buying one, you probably want the replacement right now.

There’s also a considerable advantage to Prime Day — exclusivity. Prime Day is only available to Amazon Prime customers which generally means less competition when snagging a great deal. When stock is strictly limited, it can be the ideal way of grabbing a great Dyson deal for less rather than having to compete with the masses.

You also don’t have to worry about cutting into your holiday budget with plenty of time between the summer and the holidays for replenishing your disposable income for future purchases. Whatever you decide, there’s also the bonus that Dyson technology doesn’t change too drastically so it’s not like you’re going to miss out on anything too revolutionary even if a new model is released later this year.

As with any sales event, it’s important to consider whether you truly need a new Dyson in the Prime Day Dyson sales or if you’re being lured in by a sales price. Check that the discount is a genuinely good discount rather than something incremental so that you know you’re getting a great deal. It’s a good idea to think about what your budget is beforehand too, especially as some Dyson vacuums can cost hundreds of dollars for features you may not necessarily need.

How to choose a Dyson on Prime Day

We’re biased but seriously, go check out our look at the best Dyson vacuums right now. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about the latest Dyson vacuums and what to look for.

It’s important to remember that the majority of Dyson vacuums are high-quality machines but they’re not all created equally so our guide helps you narrow things down to the best options. Typically, all Dyson offer powerful suctions and some very smart engineering.

One thing you really need to consider is what kind of design vacuum you want. It’s possible to buy a cordless stick vacuum for instance which is super portable and lightweight but generally best for smaller homes as battery life can be an issue. Having said that, you can’t beat the convenience of simply being able to rock up to a stain and clean it up in no time.

Other vacuum types include upright and canister-based. An upright Dyson is a solid all-purpose vacuum for the most part. Simply plug it into a power socket and push it around like any other vacuum cleaner. It’s convenient and simple to use but you may have to switch out the power cable once in a while if you’re tackling a larger home.

Canister-based vacuums work in a very similar way but they tend to offer much longer cords and a bigger capacity so they’re ideal for a larger home. Bear in mind they’re also pretty heavy though so if you have mobility issues, you may struggle to carry it around too frequently.

Dyson vacuums tend to come in two flavors — pet-focused and regular. The former might seem like a gimmick but it tends to mean that the suction engine is aimed at being able to untangle pet hair far more efficiently than anything else out there. It makes a huge difference in practice, especially if your pet is extra hairy.

Some Dysons also specifically target allergens too with extra filtrations that make it easier for you to suck up dust and other allergens from your floor, whether it’s a carpet or hardwood floor. This can be particularly useful if you have asthma or pets that shed a lot of fur.

It’s also a smart idea to look out for any extras that your potential future Dyson purchase may include. Some offer numerous additional brushes or cleaning tools while others are a little more minimalist. Whether you actually need the bonuses mostly depends on what you need the vacuum cleaner for. Oftentimes, simply a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction is more than enough for your needs.

That’s a lot of talk about vacuum cleaners but what about Dyson hairdryers or fans? Both are highly respected in their field but they do cost a lot even at the best of times. It’s a good idea to do your research and check if they are truly worth it for you. Still, the likes of the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool is pretty stylish and sure to improve the air in your home.

As always, Prime Day Dyson deals are a good way to get more for your money. You may be able to stretch to a few extra features that seemed like optional extras at the regular price. Don’t be afraid to spend that bit extra but only if you can genuinely afford it and also only if the deal is actually a good offer. It’s easy to be lured into buying stuff in a sale when it wasn’t that urgent a purchase so if your existing vacuum cleaner works just fine, you may be better off waiting for another time.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

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