Best Super Bowl TV Deals 2020: Cheap 4K TVs, QLED TVs, and OLED TVs

Super Bowl 2020 will be broadcast to the nation in 4K Ultra HD with HDR, meaning more detail, better contrast, and more realistic color. There is a catch, though: You will need a 4K TV if you want to feel like you’re right there at the Hard Rock Stadium, watching the action unfold alongside the 65,000 in attendance. Fortunately, there are some last-minute Super Bowl TV deals out there that make this a fairly inexpensive upgrade — and with pricing starting at only $220, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

There’s a lot to choose from, but in typical Digital Trends fashion we tasked our expert team of reviewers with the all-important mission of sifting through the stack to separate the diamonds from the coal. The result? A list of the best Super Bowl TV deals you can trust, ordered cheapest to most expensive. Our must-have? The 65-inch Samsung NU6900, which is on sale for $480 at Walmart — down a massive $320 from the usual $800. It has a crisp, clear 4K Ultra HD screen, smart software to boot, and HDR10+.

Today’s Best Super Bowl TV Deals

  • 43-inch TCL 4-Series 4K TV$220 ($20 off)
  • 50-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV$295 ($105 off)
  • 55-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV$350 ($250 off)
  • 65-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV$480 ($320 off)
  • 49-inch Samsung Q60R QLED 4K TV$600 ($400 off)
  • 70-inch LG UM6970PUA 4K TV$650 ($150 off)
  • 75-inch TCL 4-Series 4K TV$700 ($200 off)
  • 55-inch Samsung Q60R  QLED 4K TV$700 ($500 off)
  • 65-inch Samsung Q60R QLED 4K TV$900 ($900 off)
  • 75-inch Sony Bravia X800G 4K TV$1,100 ($700 off)
  • 55-inch LG C9 OLED 4K TV$1,500 ($1,000 off)
  • 82-inch Samsung Q60R QLED 4K TV$2,000 ($1,800 off)
  • 85-inch Sony Bravia X900F 4K TV$2,800 ($700 off)
  • 65-inch Sony Master Series A9G OLED 4K TV$3,300 ($500 off)

55-inch Samsung Q60R QLED 4K TV

$700 $1,200
Expires soon
You won't find a better deal on a QLED TV than this. 55-inches of high-resolution goodness bundled in a thin shell with all the smarts you could ever need for just $700. What more could you want?

50-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV

$295 $328
Expires soon
It doesn't get better than this, folks: A 50-inch Samsung 4K TV for just $280. It's not short of features, either. Smart software for one-click streaming? It's got it. HDR10+? You betcha. Killer.

75-inch Sony X800G 4K TV

$1,198 $1,998
Expires soon
The Sony X800G is one of the best LED 4K TVs in the business, beating the (LED) competition when it comes to how crisp and clear its 4K Ultra HD screen is. Throw in Android TV, and we have a winner.

75-inch LG UM6970PUB 4K TV

$797 $1,100
Expires soon
The 75-inch LG UM6970PUB is one of the best basic 4K TVs on the market, offering access to an impressive feature set including the firm's versatile webOS smart software for instant streaming.

65-inch Samsung Q60R QLED 4K TV

$1,098 $1,800
Expires soon
Deals on QLED TVs are few and far between, let alone one on a brand-spanking new model. As such, this fantastic offer on a 65-inch Samsung Q60R is not to be missed.

65-inch Sony Master Series A9G OLED 4K TV

$3,300 $3,500
Expires soon
The Sony Master Series A9G is a no-brainer for anyone who can afford it, so much so we named it the best television on the market. Period. Android TV? Check. 4K HDR? Check. Google Assistant? Check.

75-inch Samsung Q900 QLED 8K TV

$4,498 $6,998
Expires soon
If you can't wait to be the first of your friends to own an eye-popping 8K TV, now's a good time to jump in. At $2,000 off, this 75-inch Samsung Q900 isn't cheap, but at least it's cheaper.

55-inch LG C9 OLED 4K TV

$1,497 $2,500
Expires soon
OLED is king, delivering one of the best viewing experiences money can buy — so don't miss your chance to snag one of LG's finest OLED TVs at a rock-bottom price.

55-inch Samsung NU6900 4K TV

$350 $530
Expires soon
It's rare to find a brand new 4K TV in a discount bin, but that's where this 55-inch Samsung NU6900 has ended up — offering an immersive viewing experience loaded with smarts at an incredible price.

75-inch TCL 4-Series 4K TV

$700 $750
Expires soon
You can't go wrong with the TCL 4-Series, bundling a 75-inch 4K screen that's large enough to sit at the center of any entertainment setup and all the smarts you could ever need, driven by Roku OS.

Those after something more high-end ought to turn their attention to the 55-inch Samsung Q60R. It’s what’s known as a QLED 4K TV. In a nutshell, this means it operates at a higher brightness and has access to a larger color spectrum than its non-QLED counterpart, resulting in more vibrant, vivid visuals. But this next-level viewing power doesn’t come cheap. The 55-inch Samsung Q60R is in the discount bin at Walmart for $700, down $500 from the standard $1,200. It’s a great deal, but the hardware is overkill for most.

The fact of the matter is if you’re using the Super Bowl as an excuse to trade in the aging HDTV at the center of your entertainment setup for something a bit more in line with the times, then you need look no further than the 65-inch Samsung NU6900. It will be a monumental step up, with the difference in viewing quality being as clear as night and day. However, if you’re after the best home viewing experience you can afford, then it will need to be the Samsung Q60R or one of the various other QLEDs or OLEDs on the list.

As we said earlier, we’ve only selected 4K TVs we know are a fantastic fit for the Super Bowl and have the chops to see you through day-to-day life, be it tuning into the latest must-see show on Netflix after work or the next major sporting event after Super Bowl LIV is over. If you’re struggling to make a decision, just take a look through and select the television that’s the size you’re after and falls into your budget. We think it’s safe to say you’ll be impressed with what arrives at your door ahead of the big day this weekend.

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