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Disney+ is the best gift you can give this Christmas — here’s how and why

Searching for a meaningful gift for a close friend or loved one this Christmas? Consider Disney+ or maybe even the Disney+ Bundle. We know, we know — it wouldn’t be the most conventional present in their (virtual) stocking, but it is a gift that keeps on giving, providing the recipient with hundreds of hours of entertainment through Disney+, with Hulu and ESPN+ also thrown into the mix if you decide to opt for the Disney+ Bundle.

It’s not expensive, either. The Disney+ Bundle comes in at just $13 per month. That’s less than $15 per month for access to three services. Can’t see the value? We’ll break it down: Disney+ costs $7 per month, ESPN+ renews at $5 per month, and Hulu is set at $6 per month. Bunch this together and the total comes in at $18 per month. But take advantage of the Disney+ Bundle and it’ll set you back only $13 per month — a total savings of $5 per month.

But what if you just want to give Disney+? Well, you’re in luck — simply purchase a Disney+ Subscription Card. The way it works is simple: You hand over $70 for a year’s access, set the date you want the membership to start (Christmas Day, no doubt), and input the recipient’s email address, then Disney will reach out to them at the specified date and time to walk them through the registration process, so it’s perfect for friends and family alike.

So, who would want to receive a subscription to a streaming service (or three, if you choose the Disney+ Bundle) for Christmas? Well, the question should be: Who wouldn’t? It’s one of the most practical gifts out there, offering access to a catalog of content vastly different from that of Netflix that will keep both adults and children entertained for hours on end, while saving you a whopping $60 over the course of a year in the process.

Frankly, even if you aren’t planning on picking up a membership as a gift, the Disney+ Bundle is the perfect addition to your holiday entertainment rotation. Why? Because it contains Disney+, which is home to a broad range of exclusive content — headlined by every episode of The Simpsons to date (even the holiday specials) — and almost every movie in the picture house’s stable, including Miracle on 34th Street, Iron Man, Star Wars, and Toy Story.

Moreover, the Hulu membership that is included is home to hundreds of network shows, blockbuster movies, and Hulu originals; while ESPN+ is a portal to thousands of live sporting events from the likes of the FA Cup, MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL, and UFC Fight Night. In a nutshell, the Disney+ Bundle covers the two major bases; entertainment and sports — making it the perfect gift for the whole family, as it caters to everyone’s interests.

Not sure how to sign up for the Disney+ Bundle? We’ve got you covered.

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