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Dyson Sale: Huge discounts on cordless and upright vacuums

We’ve officially entered the season of spring. While we can’t go out and appreciate the flowers in full bloom, we can do some much-needed decluttering at home. Vacuuming may not be anyone’s favorite activity but it sure is an optimal solution for cleaner and breathable spaces. And who knows, it might give you some sense of accomplishment once you see your floors in a new light. Dyson has always been a top brand you can depend on for highly capable vacuums that pick up all kinds of debris in just one pass. Since these vacuums aren’t outrightly affordable, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Dyson deals. Today, Best Buy and Target’s vacuum deals include Dyson’s Slim Ball Animal, V7 Motorhead, Cinetic Big Ball Total Clean, and Cyclone V10 Animal with up to $250 in savings.

Dyson V7 Motorhead — $250, was $300

Corded vacuums guarantee fade-free suction at the cost of your back crouching down from having to unplug and plug. Dyson, however, is ready to offer you cordless convenience with no compromise to its suction. The V7 is equipped with 15 radial cyclones arranged across two tiers to boost airflow and capture fine dust. More than being able of a deep clean across all floor types, you’re likewise able of quick cleanups and spot cleaning on multiple surfaces as it converts to a handheld vac. Weighing just 5.3 pounds, vacuuming will hardly be a drag.

The V7’s low-profile head makes it easy for you to glide under furniture while its wand would enable you of more reach. Along with the onboard set of attachments, you’ll be armed to trap pesky dust bunnies and prevent creepy crawlers from settling in those tight corners. Moreover, with a brush bar that is now 75% more efficient than the V6 model, pet hair and ground-in dirt won’t stand a chance against its stiff nylon bristles, let alone its powerful motor.

Its lithium-ion battery can deliver up to 30 minutes of runtime depending on the tool and mode you choose to apply. Max mode will use up more power in exchange for six minutes of higher suction but since the wall mount not only makes for easy storage, it also the V7’s charging dock so it’ll likely be ready to go whenever and wherever. The ergonomic handle features an instant-release trigger to ensure that it only consumes energy when cleaning while controls are readily accessible.

The Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless stick vacuum saves you from the hassle of untangling or tripping on wires. And because nobody actually wants to be exposed to dirt, its 0.14 dirt cup can easily be emptied from the bottom in one swift motion. We might not be able to escape our chores but it could be far less complicated and possible for $50 less on Target.

Dyson Slim Ball Animal — $250, was $350

As much as we cherish the company of our furry friends, no one really likes their hair on dander getting mixed in the air we breathe. This is where Dyson’s Slim Ball Animal upright vacuum comes in. It is compatible across all floor types be it carpet or hard bare flooring and the onboard set of attachments serves to increase its versatility. Pet parents would particularly appreciate the tangle-free turbine tool and spinning brush bar that effectively takes care of pet hair without compromising its motor function. It also bulks up your cleaning arsenal combination tool, crevice tool, and stair tool to take care of those nooks and crannies. To make sure it remains in constant contact with surfaces, its cleaner head was designed to adjust itself accordingly while its 25-foot cord gives you enough area to clean before you crouch down and switch outlets.

Cyclonic technology assures unparalleled suction performance while Ball technology enables you to maneuver with ease. The great thing about the Dyson Slim Ball Animal being bagless is that it not only saves you from the cost of replacements but it is also easier to empty — just make sure you do so before it reaches the max line on 0.4-gallon dust bin. Those prone to allergies or asthma will be grateful that it is certified with whole machine HEPA filtration that guarantees allergens and bacteria won’t get expelled back into the air as you clean.

Love your friends and rid your floors of dust at the same time while Target has the Dyson Slim Ball Animal upright vacuum on sale for only $250 instead of $350.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Total Clean — $350, was $600

Dyson has long been in the business of vacuums to a point where it incorporated science into its design. Most vacuums would offer washable filters to help you save on the cost of replacements but Dyson takes it more than a few notches higher as this animal vacuum is the only kind out there with zero filter maintenance through what it calls Cinetic Science. Ultra-efficient cyclones break down dirt into powder particles so its airflow isn’t blocked and its suction power is never compromised. While there aren’t any pre-motor filters, you’ll be glad to know that HEPA filtration is still in place as a guarantee that allergens stay trapped.

Being responsible for your pet’s mess is painful enough so Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball Total Clean vacuum at least won’t give you a hard time. The self-adjusting cleaner head seals in suction across all floor types and is enhanced with Ball technology to aid in its maneuverability. Since this is the Total Clean variant, you’re instantly armed with all the tools you need to shoo away all those pesky dust bunnies before they get too comfortable.  You’ll also appreciate that its hose and wand can instantly be released from its base to provide you with better reach without having to carry the whole machine. And when you’re all done, emptying its 0.55-gallon dust bin should be painless as it can be done with just one click.

Cost and worth are two different things. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Total Clean Vacuum isn’t cheap even with Best Buy’s $250 discount that plummets its $600 list price to a more conservative $350 but it’s no less of a worthy investment if you think about how it could save you from allergies or rashes. The bulk of features and the functionality it gives you may just be enough reason to justify the cost it puts on convenience.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal — $450, was $550

If you don’t need that many tools, the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal is another cordless vacuum that would be well worth the investment. It would also be the more optimal choice for larger homes as it is capable of running for 60 minutes with a non-motorized tool. Like the V7, it is perfectly balanced to clean up top, below, and in between whether as a stick or handheld vacuum. It also comes with a whole-machine filtration system and a convenient wall-mounted charging station.

The Cyclone V10 steps up with a Torque cleaner head that Dyson claims to offer 25% better performance over any vacuum with a direct-drive cleaner head. It is also powered with a digital motor that makes it the smallest, lightest yet strongest motor Dyson has manufactured. That said, you can expect it to generate the same suction power of a full-sized vacuum as it spins up to 125,000rpm. And with three power modes, it’ll certainly suit any mess on any floor type.

With stiff nylon bristles on its Torque drive cleaner head, Dyson’s Cyclone V10 Animal burrows deep into carpets to relieve them of ground-in dirt. On the other hand, you can opt to use its soft woven nylon covered brush bar to efficiently lift small to large debris without scratching your hard floors. Hygienic dirt disposal is a feature not to be missed, you can simply point and shoot out all the collected dust from its 0.77-liter dust bin that is now 40% bigger than it was before.

Usually priced at $550, The Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal along with four attachments (combination tool, crevice tool, mini soft dusting brush, mini-motorized tool) can be yours for as low as $450 with Best Buy’s $100 price cut.

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