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Best Buy rolls in with killer discounts on Ecovacs robot vacuums

When you have a little too much on your plate, robot vacuums are always ready to swoop in and make floor care the least of your worries. And nowadays, it’s important that we become more vigilant about having cleaner and more breathable spaces. Take the stress out of vacuuming and make room for a hands-free clean. If you’re banking on savings, you can get the most bang for your buck when you take advantage of Best Buy’s sale on two multifunctional little helpers from Ecovacs. Both the Deebot 600 and Ozmo 930 are on sale with discounts of up to $300.

Ecovacs Deebot 600 — $264 ($116 off)

The Deebot 600 looks nothing fancier than an oversized hockey puck but Ecovacs spruced it up with a couple of tricks hiding under the hood. With the option to interchange its 520-mL dustbin for a water tank, vacuuming will not be the only chore you’ll be ticking off the to-do list as this droid can also do the mopping for you. Rest assured, it can tackle all kinds of messes stuck on all floor types, be it on carpet or hard floors. And with anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, it will hardly need your supervision to navigate around your home. It even has soft bumpers to protect itself and your furniture on the off-chance it does hit something.

It utilizes a three-point cleaning system that effectively sweeps, lifts, and vacuums with every pass. The V-shaped main brush works hand in hand with two side brushes on each side to drive dirt toward its cleaning path. You can also choose to customize your clean with three cleaning modes for Auto, Spot, and Edge. On Auto Mode, the Deebot 600 relies completely on its sensors and adopts an efficient back-and-forth motion for an all-around clean. Edge means that the bot sticks to your home’s perimeter while Spot is great if you need it to concentrate on one particular area. There’s also Random mode wherein it’s basically free to roam around your house however it pleases. And if you need twice the suction power for stubborn dirt, you can simply switch it up to Max mode. However, you’ll be draining its 110-minute battery life faster in exchange for higher power. It’s a fair trade nonetheless as the Deebot 600 only stops cleaning when it’s done with the job or when it needs to recharge itself.

Ecovacs’ Deebot 600 won’t let you down as a mop either as it can get rid of surface stains here and there especially when someone accidentally spills something on the floors. It’s not only willing to clean but also spares your back from dragging down a mop or a vacuum or from crouching down to access hard-to-reach spaces.  Atop the droid, you will be able to see if it is turned on, connected to Wi-Fi, or if it’s charging. As to programming, you’ll be very much able to course it through the remote, voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant, as much as you can do it on your smartphone with the Ecovacs Home app. With high-efficiency filters to boot, you will certainly be able to breathe in clean air without pesky allergens finding their way into your system.

Usually retailing for $380, Best Buy gives you a far better price at only $164.

Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 930— $400 ($300 off)

Ecovacs’  Deebot OZMO 930 is not just another circular droid that can vacuum and mop too. It justifies the jump in price with Ozmo mopping technology that allows it to do both simultaneously as well as carpet detection that boosts its suction power and stops it from mopping when it senses it is leaving hard flooring.  It also steps up from the 600 with laser mapping sensors along with anti-drop and collision sensors housed in the disk protruding atop the 930. This genuine helper can be tasked to intelligently clean multiple rooms

Being a higher-end model, Ecovacs surely did not skimp on features for the Deebot Ozmo 930. It employs a three-stage cleaning system, with two rotating side brushes to clean edges or corners, a 14 main roller brush that loosens ground-in dirt, and a powerful motor to suck in all that nasty debris. And if you’re a pet parent, you can count on this droid to manage all that shedding, and you just might want to swap its brush for a direct suction attachment and avoid having to disentangle all that hair. Ecovacs was also thoughtful enough to provide a razor tool to cut through it just in case.

By simply attaching the cloth in place of the brush, sets the Deebot 930 into mop mode. Water is automatically dispensed from its built-in reservoir which is also removable to make refilling just as simple. Its 0.47-liter dirt bin is sufficient, though you will likely need to empty it every one or two cleans, and you can trust this machine to keep on cleaning for a span of 110 minutes before it returns to its charging dock. And if it’s unable to get through everything at once, it is programmed to pick up from where it left off.

The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 can be likewise controlled through the app, via remote or smart home devices like Alexa or Google Assistant to set no-go zones, as well as to schedule a clean from anywhere. Those suffering from allergies will be thankful that it has HEPA filters in place to assure pesky allergens stay trapped. Corded vacuums have great suction power while steam cleaners are exceptionally great for deep-seated stains, but the convenience of these models ensures floors will be cleaned more often.

Score the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 while Best Buy has it selling for only $400 instead of $700. You can also skim through our in-depth review for more information.

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