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The best Shark vacuums you can buy right now

The best Shark vacuums provide strong suction at an affordable price

Buying a vacuum involves more decisions than ever before. There are so many different types of vacuums, from robots to cordless stick vacuums to uprights. Then you have all of the different manufacturers like iRobot, Dyson, Samsung, Ecovacs, iLife, Hoover, and so many more. As a vacuum brand, Shark is just one option in a vast ocean of many. But when you go with a Shark, you typically get a relatively well-made vacuum at an affordable price point. It may not be the top-of-the-line unit on the market, and it might not have all of those bells and whistles, but it will likely be a powerful and reliable vacuum that won’t break your bank.

If you’re in the market for a new Shark vacuum, we’ve included our picks for the best Shark vacuums you can buy right now. If you’re looking for a Dyson unit, be sure to check out our list of the best of those as well.

Best corded stick vacuum: Shark Apex UpLight

The Shark Apex UpLight offers extremely strong suction power, a self-cleaning brush roll, and stellar performance on both hard floors and carpets. At 10.7 pounds, it’s easy to carry around the home, and it maneuvers nicely and twists and turns around corners with ease.

A great deal of thought went into this unit’s design, with features like LED lighting on the vacuum’s head, so you can clean in different lighting conditions and still see the dust and dirt. This vacuum has two brush rolls. The front brush roll gives hard floors a polished look, while the main self-cleaning brush roll cleans dirt and hair from deep down in carpets. The Shark Apex UpLight completely disassembles and includes an army of attachments that store on the vacuum’s wand, allowing you to clean stairs, curtains, furniture, and crevices. Plus, in addition to its exceptional performance, the Apex UpLight traps (almost) all allergens in its filtration system, so you can clean your home without getting the sniffles.

Best cordless vacuum: Shark Rocket Cordless Stick Vacuum

With cordless vacuums, some people fear the unit will lose suction over time, or they fear battery won’t last long enough. Even if the unit does maintain its suction and have a lengthy battery life, will it cost a fortune? This is why we like the Shark Rocket. Its 40-minute run time is long enough to tackle a routine house clean, and its suction power is top-notch. Plus, the Rocket still has that suction power even after months of use, provided you maintain and clean the unit properly.

The Shark Rocket Cordless Stick Vacuum disassembles, making it easier to clean couches, stairs, and vehicles. And, at only 7.5 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to maneuver around without straining your back.

Best robot vacuum: Shark Ion S87

The Shark Ion S87 includes the Shark Ion R85 Robot Vacuum and the W1 handheld vacuum, and you store and charge both of these devices on one charging station. This cleaning system allows you to robot vacuum your house, and then turn around and vacuum your car with the handheld unit. It’s kind of like a robot vacuum with an added bonus.

While the R85 robot vacuum lacks an advanced mapping system, it will get your floors completely clean with daily use. It also includes these magnetic strips you can use to block off certain areas (think doorways), and the robot knows not to pass over the magnetic strip. The R85 is also compatible with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Home, so you can voice-control your robot for completely hands-free cleaning.

Shark Ion S87’s W1 vacuum, while somewhat lacking in terms of its battery life, is a useful extra tool. It has impressive power for wYitlAvo1Ba small unit, and it comes with a pet tool, crevice tool, and brush tool to make cleaning even easier.

Best Upright: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Swivel Pro

Shark has come out with a various different upright units, and the company has produced quite a few iterations of the Navigator vacuum. But few full-sized upright units can compare to the Navigator Swivel Pro because of its amazing suction and affordable price. It’s powerful enough to suck up dust and dirt from deep down in carpets, yet it also performs exceptionally well on bare floors, grabbing large and small particles from hard floor and tile surfaces. At 14 pounds, it’s not the lightest vacuum in the world. But, its 11-foot extendable hose, extra large dust compartment, and swivel steering make the unit easy to operate day-to-day.

This unit is built to last too, and if you clean the brush roll and replace the filters regularly, you can likely get a lot of years out of the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Swivel Pro.

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