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ExpressVPN Deals: Save 49% when you sign up today

If you’ve ever wanted to watch something and have come up to a wall because what you want to watch is not available where you are, it can be frustrating. That’s where VPNs like ExpressVPN come in handy; they can help you avoid geo-locked content and provide a few other benefits. In fact, we’ve even put ExpressVPN at the top of our best VPN list for 2022.

Today’s Best ExpressVPN Deal

The ExpressVPN logo on a red background.

ExpressVPN is probably one of the best-known VPNs on the market, having been around for almost as long as any others. Of course, having this pedigree means that they’re pretty expensive on a monthly basis, which is why their current coupon is excellent. When you subscribe for 12 months of their service, this coupon deal also gives you an extra three months! That means that you can get 15-months worth of ExpressVPN service for just the cost of a 12-month subscription. All-in-all, that adds up to a 49% discount on the price of a monthly subscription, which is a huge amount of savings.

Should You Get ExpressVPN?

There are a lot of benefits to getting ExpressVPN besides just being able to get around restricted content. For example, with just one subscription, you can use the VPN on up to five simultaneous connections, which means you can share it with family and friends. It’s also a good way to share the cost of the subscription itself if it’s too much for just one person to handle.

Not only that, but ExpressVPN also has a no activity or connection logs policy, which means that you do get some privacy from any eyes that come prying, usually meaning the government. Even if a government can compel ExpressVPN to share their data, there would be no real data to show, which is great for those living in places with privacy issues. Luckily, the service is also available in 94 countries and has over 3,000 servers, so it’s got excellent coverage.

Even better, ExpressVPN works on various devices, from Windows to Android, and even browsers like Chrome and Firefox through an extension. Or, if you have some tech-savvy, you can install ExpressVPN on your router directly to cover any device that’s connected to your router, which is a nice little feature. ExpressVPN also offers some great guides on various routers, so you aren’t left trying to figure it out on your own.

All-in-all, VPNs like ExpressVPN are great if you want both security and the ability to connect to any country and watch any sort of content.

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