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Play ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ the best way with a Switch GameCube controller

Super Smash Bros. GameCube controller for Switch
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If you’re a longtime fan of Super Smash Bros., you know in your bones that there’s only one true way to play. Nintendo knows it, too: Alongside the recent launch of the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Japanese company has brought back the legendary GameCube controller along with a USB adapter that lets you use it with your Nintendo Switch console, ensuring that you have the proper tool for knocking your friends and online opponents out of the ring.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has done this; the GameCube controller was also re-released for the launch of Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U. It was a huge hit with fans of the series, but many gamers were disappointed to see that it was somewhat short-lived, as Nintendo discontinued the GameCube controller reissue after a while (lagging Wii U sales probably didn’t help much).

Thankfully, Nintendo is listening to its fans and bringing it back again, and given the massive success of the Switch so far, it should prove to be a pretty hot item. The GameCube Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition gamepad is identical to the original controller with a couple tweaks: a much-needed longer cable and the iconic Smash Bros. logo emblazoned on the front.

Super Smash Bros UltimateSeasoned Smash players already know how well the GameCube controller works for these fighting games (the C-stick, for example, lets you immediately flick out power attacks instead of having to perform two inputs simultaneously), and if you haven’t played with one before, now’s the time to try it out. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is sure to get pretty chaotic with its new eight-player mode, so being able to quickly react and pull off instant power attacks will give you an advantage. It’s also going to be a lot more comfortable than the Joy-Cons when you’re playing for hours.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch just hit shelves on December 7. You can order the GameCube controller for $30 and the Switch USB adapter for $20 from Amazon now, so you’ll be ready to rock once you’ve got your copy.

order the GameCube controller

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