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This is the CHEAPEST Instant Pot you can buy this Prime Day

Instant Pot Duo Plus multi cooker on the counter

Yay! Amazon Prime Day is officially here, and we’re just as stoked as you. There are Prime Day deals flying all over the place, and it’s going to be a challenge to sift through them all. Fortunately, we’ve got a team of experts rounding up all of the best deals to make it just a little easier for everyone.

It’s the perfect time to stock up on anything you need or want. Like the Instant Pot Duo Plus 6-quart 9-in-1 Cooker. This thing is a beast and it does it all! Amazon is offering the Instant Pot Duo Plus for $55 during Prime Day. With that, you get free shipping and free returns. The deal knocks over $65 off the regular price, which is super good!

The Instant Pot Duo Plus has a 6-quart capacity to make a host of delicious and slow-cooked meals like soups, brews, pasta, and so much more. Not sure what an Instant Pot does or what it’s for? The Digital Trends’ Instant Pot guide tells you everything you need to know.


The Duo Plus can handle 9 different functions, including pressure cooking, slow cooking, sauteing, steaming, warming, and much more. In addition, it offers 15 customizable smart programs to handle all of the various foods you’ll be preparing. An easy seal lid ensures it’s always tightly shut, with an easy access vent for reducing the pressure. You can cook fast, or you can cook slow, it’s your choice. It’s made of food-grade stainless steel so it’s durable, shiny, and safe!

Amazon is offering the Instant Pot Duo Plus 6-quart 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker for over $65 off the regular price ($120). You can take it home, or rather have it on your doorstep, for just $55. We probably don’t have to tell you that’s ridiculously low — but we will anyway! Act fast if you’re interested though because this deal is only going to be live for one day!

More Prime Day Instant Pot deals available

After a different model? We’ve rounded up all the very best Prime Day Instant Pot deals happening right now below for you to browse. Convenient, huh?

This model pressure cooks up to 15 psi and adds sous vide cooking to the function mix. Six-quart Instant Pots are the right size for up to 6 people. more
This family-sized Instant Pot has 15 one-touch preprogrammed buttons to make cooking easier. It's a 9-in-1 kitchen convenience supported by cooks worldwide. more
With an air fryer lid providing a slew of new cooking features in the kitchen, the Instant Pot Duo Crisp is a marvelous tool for any home chef, combining 11 different ways to cook in one package. more
Watch your meal as it air fries, roasts, broils, bakes, reheats, or dehydrates with the ClearCook window and internet light. Minimal preheating time with one-touch smart programs for popular foods. more
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This Instant Pot has 11 functions, including a pressure cooker, air fryer, rice cooker, and dehydrator. more
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Instant Omni Plus

$225 $250
A 10-in-1 version of your favorite small appliance, this one doubles as a small convection oven and toaster oven. more
Get rid of all those hefty kitchen appliances with the Instant Pot Duo Plus 8-quart pressure cooker, filled to the brim with every method of cooking any average home chef could ever need. more

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