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Lenovo is having a surprise gaming monitor sale today

Even if you’ve landed one of the best gaming PC deals going on right now, that new gaming PC isn’t going to get you very far into your gaming adventures if you don’t have a decent gaming monitor. Lenovo has a wide variety of impressive gaming monitor deals available today, each of which can land you a potential gaming monitor upgrade at a really great price. These displays are also worth considering if you’re building your first gaming setup, as they all offer great performance at impressive price points. Read onward for more details on these monitors, which are some of the better gaming deals you’ll find right now.

Lenovo G27-20 27-inch gaming monitor — $224, was $280

The Lenovo G27-20 27-inch gaming monitor against a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Lenovo G27-20 is one of the few gaming monitors you’ll find that pairs a super affordable price with the performance capabilities of a display that costs much more. This is a 27-inch monitor that displays in Full HD resolution, ensuring your gaming adventures are presented with sharp detail and plenty of clarity. One of the more unique features of this monitor is NVIDIA G-Sync compatible technology, which delivers life-like lighting effects and removes image stuttering, breaking, tearing, and streaking. This is backed up by an impressive 144Hz refresh rate, and wide viewing angles make this monitor a great one for friends to gather around for gaming sessions. The Lenovo G27-20 gaming monitor is a great option for gamers looking for their first monitor, and for anyone who needs a monitor that gets the job done at an incredibly modest price point.

Lenovo Legion Y27q-20 27-inch gaming monitor — $375, was $500

The Lenovo Legion Y27q-20 27-inch WLED gaming monitor against a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you find yourself taking on the best PC games on one of the best gaming PCs, or on equipment made to create higher level gaming experiences, you might want to pair it with a monitor that’s equally capable. A good place to start your consideration is with the Lenovo Legion Y27q-20. This is a 27-inch monitor with QHD resolution, which comes in at halfway between Full HD resolution and 4K resolution. This will up the picture quality for anyone coming from an HD display, while simultaneously keep the price a little lower than going all the way up to 4K. This monitor has an impressive refresh rate of 165Hz, nearly three times the speed of many gaming monitors, and NVIDIA G-Sync technology takes gameplay to the next level, churning out smooth visuals, as well as reducing screen tearing and motion blur. Connectivity such as HDMI 2.0 as well as plenty of USB ports make this an attractive option for gamers with lots of peripherals, or who want to use the monitor for multiple source connections, such as Blu-Ray players and laptops.

Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 24.5-inch gaming monitor — $455, was $700

The Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 24.5-inch gaming monitor against a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Lenovo Legion Y25g-30 has some high end specs you won’t find in too many other gaming monitors, particularly at the price you’ll find it at with this deal. While it’s a perfectly acceptable option for any kind of gamer, this monitor takes e-sports players and professional gamers to a whole new level of interactive performance. It has a 360Hz refresh rate, which is currently the world’s highest refresh rate, and a 1ms response time. This prevents screen tearing, latency, and ghosting, and the built-in NVIDIA G-Sync technology works to create smooth visuals by syncing the monitor’s refresh rate with your PC’s graphics card. The monitor is able to reach up to 400 nits of brightness , and detail clarity is enhanced even further with in-plane switching panel technology. While this monitor comes in at a smaller 24.5-inches than many gaming monitors, it makes up for it with performance, and is still capable of playing back all of your favorite games in Full HD resolution.

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