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These NewAir beverage cooler deals ensure you’ll never be without a cold drink

There aren’t many things that are more annoying and disappointing than being thirsty, only to open your fridge and realize you don’t have any ice-cold beverages chilling in there. Maybe it’s because your standard kitchen refrigerator is full of food and there’s simply no room for all those cans of soda or bottles of beer, or, worse yet, perhaps your fridge isn’t well-designed for storing large quantities of chilled beverages at all. If any of this sounds too familiar to you, then it’s definitely time to take the plunge and invest in a dedicated beverage cooler.

The good news is that NewAir, one of the best mini fridge brands on the market, is currently offering some nice discounts on its lineup of great refrigerators that are made just for beer, wine, soda, or anything else you want to keep cool and handy: Just enter the code NEWAIR8 at checkout to take 8% off of purchases of more than $100, or enter code NEWAIR50 to enjoy a $50 savings on orders of $350 or more. If you just want to see the best picks of the sale, however, then we’ve smoked out our two favorites right here.

NewAir 24-Inch Built-in Dual Zone 20-Bottle and 70-Can Wine and Beverage Fridge — $820 with code NEWAIR50, was $870

NewAir 24-Inch Built-in Dual Zone 20-Bottle and 70-Can Wine and Beverage Fridge

On the other hand, if you need something that can pull double duty as a refrigerator for cans as well as longer wine bottles, then this 24-inch dual-zone fridge easily ranks among the best wine coolers on the market right now. Unlike our first pick that creates a single consistent temperature throughout the entire interior, this unit has two cooling zones — a 70-can partition on top and a 20-bottle one below — that lets you further customize your setup with two separate temperatures for different beverages. This is useful, as there’s no “one temperature fits all” when it comes to cold drinks. Chilled wines are typically not kept as cool as other drinks like soda and beer, for example, making this fridge a great choice for those who like to serve and enjoy multiple beverages and want to keep them all at the perfect temperature.

This stainless 24-inch NewAir dual-zone beverage cooler can also be yours at a discount with checkout code NEWAIR50 that knocks it down to $820.

NewAir Countertop Clear Ice Maker — $230 with code NEWAIR8, was $250

NewAir Countertop Clear Ice Maker

Even the best beverage cooler won’t chill a warm drink fast enough. For that, you need the age-old standby: Ice. Unfortunately, those plastic ice cube freezer trays get emptied fast when you’ve got guests, and built-in refrigerator ice dispensers can be fussy at the best of times. Worse still, ice made using those methods almost always turns out cloudy and impure — a no-no for things like cocktails. That’s why serious drink connoisseurs need a good ice maker like this one from NewAir. At the push of a button, it churns out crystal clear ice (up to 40 pounds’ worth a day) that looks better, tastes better, and melts more slowly than the ice most of us are used to, and despite its high-volume output, the NewAir ice maker fits on virtually any countertop.

Use the checkout code NEWAIR8 to grab this great NewAir countertop clear ice maker for $230, saving you a cool 20 bucks.

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