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Save $30 on the HP Neverstop 1202w Laser Tank Printer today

HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w Printer

Ready, set, print! While it’s not an actual race, you will want to run to take advantage of this amazing deal from HP. Right now, until September 5th, you can save $30 on the fantastic HP Neverstop 1202w Laser Tank Printer. An ideal printer for small businesses, people working from home, and students alike, it’s on sale for $300, down from its regular price of $330.

We love this printer for small businesses, home offices, and students, too, for a very specific reason: You’ll never have to worry about expensive toner again. While other printers use traditional toner cartridges, the new HP Neverstop Laser printer is built with what HP calls a “toner tank.” Put simply, it’s a whole boatload of toner. When you set up this printer, this tank is all set and ready to go. With up to 5,000 pages of toner included, you can print up to 7x more pages than in-class lasers before your first toner reload. This printer’s Toner Reload Kit gets you up to 2,500 pages worth of Original HP Toner — up to 2.5x more pages than-class HP Toner cartridges. If you run a small business or are an independent contractor with a good deal of paperwork — or even a student who needs to print tons for research or presentation materials — this will come as to music to your ears.

With this printer’s system, the tank replaces the toner cartridge we’re used to and is refilled with a syringe. And this is not surgery, it’s super simple and seamless, fast and there’s no mess involved. Gone are the days of your hands (and pages) being covered in messy toner after a transplant. When it comes to buying more toner, the cost-effectiveness is obvious — Neverstop’s Toner Reload kit costs around $16 compared to average cost of toner cartridges sitting at around $40 to $60.

The advantages aren’t just in toner savings though. With the HP Smart app, printer set up is easy and you can connect your other devices to instantly print, copy and scan, or send secure faxes from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. With the app, you can also create customizable time saving shortcuts. The printer also has wireless connectivity, fast print speeds and a smaller size great for small working spaces.

Act right now and this cost-effective, time-saving printer, can be yours for only $300 — down $30 from the usual $330. This is the printer that won’t stop saving you money. Remember, though: This deal ends on September 5th, so get it while you can.

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