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Should you buy a TV on Amazon Prime Day 2022?

The LG 55-inch C1 OLED TV hangs on the wall in a living room.

With Prime Day deals underway, you may be looking to buy yourself a new TV. With so much great new TV technology out there from faster processing to superior picture quality courtesy of OLED and QLED panels, there’s a lot to think about before diving into the Prime Day sales. One big issue is that you may be wondering if you should buy a TV on Prime Day 2022. Is it worth it? Is there a better time of year for you to consider it? All these questions are about to be answered as we give our expert opinion on whether you should buy a TV this Prime Day, taking into account numerous considerations along the way.

Should you buy a TV on Prime Day?

The LG C1 Series OLED 4K TV with a glowing tree on the screen.

With a flurry of Prime Day TV deals upon us, it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. It’s important to know what you want, before you even look at the deals. It’s not like a new TV is an impulse purchase. Buying a TV is often expensive and is also quite a commitment as you want to make sure you have the right one for your situation.

One important thing to note is that Prime Day is a pretty great time to buy a new TV. Prime Day traditionally focuses on offering deep discounts on much-desired technology and that includes TVs. Often, it rivals the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which were previously the best sales events of the year. While Prime Day is technically Amazon’s event, it’s far from the only retailer offering sales. Instead, Prime Day has become a concept that other retailers provide sales around with their own special flourishes, to ensure there’s plenty of competitive pricing going on.

With Prime Day TV deals typically on a par with Black Friday TV deals, you can feel safe that you’re doing the right thing when buying a TV. Now that you know that, you need to think about what to do next.

Crucially, you need to consider your budget. The best TVs aren’t exactly cheap, so it’s important to know what you can afford. For instance, you may wish to consider one of the latest Sony or LG TVs, but you might find your budget prefers TCL or Hisense. Reading up on the best TV brands helps here as you can be confident that each of these brands is worth your time, even if your budget is tight.

From there, check out the best TVs for under $1,000 and the best TVs for under $500 if you need to.

It’s a smart move to consider what size TV to buy as well, as you don’t want a TV that swamps your living space too much (while also avoiding having too small a display).

Thanks to how the Prime Day TV deals tend to play out, now is a good time to buy whatever you need. If you’re looking for a cheap TV for your kitchen or bedroom, that should be just as easy to find as snapping up the latest LG OLED TV at a discount to kit out your home cinema room.

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