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These smart TVs are under $200 for Cyber Monday 2021

If you still haven’t upgraded to smart TVs in your home, now’s your chance to buy them for cheap through Cyber Monday TV deals. While some offers involve high-end 4K TVs, for some shoppers, the best Cyber Monday deals are those that focus on affordable products, such as these Insignia smart TVs at Best Buy that are all going for less than $200. Because of their low prices, it’s unclear how long these deals will last, so it’s highly recommended that you finalize your purchases as soon as you can so that you don’t miss out on the discounts.

Insignia 24-inch F20 Series smart TV — $100, was $170

Insignia F20 Series 24-inch Smart TV with Fire TV Cyber Monday deal.

The most affordable version of the Insignia F20 Series smart TV features a 24-inch display with HD resolution for vibrant picture quality while you’re watching your favorite shows and movies. The TV runs on Amazon’s Fire TV platform, which enables easy access not only to Amazon Prime Video but also to other streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. The platform also seamlessly integrates your preferred streaming content with live over-the-air channels to make it easier to choose what you’ll be watching as you’ll have all your options in one place. The smart TV also comes with a voice remote that works with Amazon’s Alexa to understand voice commands for a variety of functions, such as opening apps, searching for shows and movies, launching your music playlists, switching input sources, and controlling your other smart-home devices, among many other useful Alexa skills.

Insignia 32-inch F20 Series smart TV — $120, was $200

Insignia 32-inch F20 Series LED HD Smart Fire TV.

If a 24-inch screen is too small for you, then you should consider going for the 32-inch version of the Insignia F20 Series smart TV. On top of the bigger display, it retains all of its smaller counterpart’s smart TV functions, which are as important here as they are in Digital Trends’ 4K TV buying guide. Owning a smart TV, which connects directly to the internet through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable, is becoming increasingly important these days because of all the content you can consume from the best on-demand streaming services, with most shows and movies that generate a lot of buzz exclusive to their respective platforms. With the 32-inch Insignia F20 Series smart TV, you can easily discover and access such content, in addition to launching a variety of other apps for news, utilities, and gaming.

Insignia 39-inch F20 Series smart TV — $190, was $250

The 39-inch version of the Insignia F20 Series smart TV with Jack Ryan on the screen.

The largest of this trio of affordable smart TVs, the 39-inch version of the Insignia F20 Series smart TV moves closer to the top picks in Digital Trends’ best TVs. It also runs on Amazon’s Fire TV platform with support for Alexa through the voice remote — all you need to do to call the digital assistant is to say “Alexa,” then follow that with your voice command. Of course, streaming services accessed through Fire TV aren’t your only sources of content, as the TV’s three HDMI ports will let you connect Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and gaming consoles at the same time so you can freely switch between them. With a 39-inch screen, this TV is just the right size for a small living room or your bedrooms, and with this deal from Best Buy, you’ll likely be able to afford multiples so that the whole family can enjoy watching a smart TV from wherever they are in the house.

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