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Born out of history, this modern, local spirit thrives: Vanport 1948

Vanport 1948 vodka bottle with lifestyle theme.
Vanport 1948

This content was produced in partnership with Fuego Fino and Vanport 1948.

Once the second largest city in Oregon, bustling and lively, Vanport had scores of businesses, including schools, a police station, and a movie theater — which was not common for the time. It sat on about 650 acres of swampland behind a dike. Then, in May of 1948, due to heavy rainfall and late snowmelt from the winter season, the dike broke under increasing pressure, and a 10-foot wall of water washed across the area, flooding it. The rushing water was enough to topple buildings, the locals were devastated, and over a dozen people died. Thanks to the survivors, and the people of Vanport, the city lives on.

The population of survivors that emerged from that tragic event became the foundation of diversity for the State of Oregon. In honor of those brave souls, Vanport 1948 was born, a line of spirits distilled right in the City of Portland, made to embody the locals and the evolution of the city. All spirits are produced with high-quality ingredients, offering a smooth and consistent delivery that’s as refreshing as it is intriguing. Beyond the spirits, and its incredible backstory, Vanport 1948 is also dedicated to a sustainable future. They put the environment first with 300,000 pounds of carbon offsets across brand projects — with impact stretching from the Oregon Forest to Guatemala. Now, it’s time for the spirits to shine, so we’re going to take a closer look. So, pour a glass, take a seat, and let’s get sipping.

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Vanport 1948: Spirits for those who rise

Vanport 1948 city history included.
Vanport 1948

Based out of the city of Portland, Oregon, Vanport beverages are made from a network of local distillers who not only take pride in their competitive craft but also understand the history of the city and its people. The ultimate goal is to stand out in each category, being the best vodka and the best spirit anyone has ever had the pleasure of tasting.

The real story is that from 1942 to 1948 — up until the flood — Vanport was the country’s largest wartime housing development. A hub of racial integration, and social innovation, hundreds of thousands came to the city to help build ships for World War II. After the war, and around the time of the flood, the populace was 18,500 strong. Eventually, the people integrated with the rest of Oregon, becoming the City of Portland, Oregon that we know today.

In honor of that history, and love of the City of Roses, quality is of the utmost importance to Vanport spirits. Every beverage must have a “strong body of work” with a taste that’s smooth and unmatched. Although complex, the taste should still deliver a simple experience, standing far and above any comparable spirits.

You can find Vanport in Oregon, Washington and Arizona

All spirits are distilled and bottled in Portland, Oregon, and fully distributed by the first eco-friendly spirits distributor in the United States. That alone is something to be proud of, but the taste elevates the brand even more — Vanport 1948’s vodka is divine. You’ll find the brand scattered across 23 locations in the Portland area, and 61 locations in Oregon. The brand is set to make its debut in Total Wine & More Stores in Tukwila and Puyallup, Washington. In Arizona it can be found in several locations both Tucson and Phoenix. It is an offshoot of Fuego Fino, another esteemed spirits brand, and you’ll find more information on Vanport’s website, including access to unique merchandise.

This is a time when it’s acceptable to say these spirits are keeping the spirits of the past alive.

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