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Wireless NES Classic Edition controllers offer gamers true retro freedom

As much as people love Nintendo’s mini NES Classic Edition, nobody loves the short cables. At just a couple of feet long, they cause all sorts of headaches, so third parties have stepped up to offer solutions. One of the newest, is 8BitDo’s new wireless controller and receiver, but it’s one of the more expensive options out there.

We first heard about the solution to the short cable problem at the start of November, with alternative options for cables, as well as wireless controllers, being mentioned. These options have proven popular, but they don’t necessarily tick all the boxes for every retro gamer.

8BitDo’s new product, known as the NES30 Classic Edition Set, could be such a wireless option, offering a completely detached controller and a wireless receiver. Although it is up for pre-order at $40, which is more than double that of some fixes for the cable problem, it does have some extra features which may be worth shelling out for.

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For starters, it offers basic wireless functionality for the NES Classic, but not just for the 8BitDo NES controller. The receiver works with other controllers, too, including the PS4 or PS3 wireless Dualshock gamepads, a Nintendo Wii Mote, and even the Wii U Pro controller.

The controller that comes with the kit is a little different from traditional NES controllers in that it has four face buttons instead of two. This gives it extra functionality and can even allow it to access the home screen on the NES Classic directly. The absence of this functionality was something we found disappointing with the base controllers.

Is all of that worth $40 to you? Or potentially $80 if you want to play wirelessly with a friend? Our recommendation would be to just buy one of these and force your friend to take the little-brother role with the controller you don’t want. That’s what we always did.

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