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Activision offers ‘Guitar Hero Live’ refunds after obliteration of song library

Activision has launched a voluntary refund program for Guitar Hero Live, which saw its song library obliterated at the end of 2018.

Guitar Hero Live, rolled out in 2015, was the comeback of the franchise after it was shelved due to the market’s over-saturation of rhythm games. The system featured a redesigned guitar controller, more realism and immersion while playing, and the Guitar Hero TV streaming mode that offered a growing rotation of songs.

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Guitar Hero TV replaced the premium DLC model of past Guitar Hero games, which required players to purchase additional songs. With Guitar Hero TV, players gained free access to a rotating library of nearly 500 songs for free.

Unfortunately, Activision ended support for Guitar Hero TV, which will cut down the system’s song library to only the 42 songs available on the CD, in December. A lawsuit was filed against Activision, and while it was dismissed about two weeks ago, it appears that a refund program was created to appease frustrated players.

Activision introduced the Guitar Hero Live refund program through its support website. To qualify, players will need to have purchased the system in the United State from December 1, 2017 to January 1, 2019. They will also need to submit a completed claim form by the May 1 deadline, and the purchase will need to be confirmed by Activision.

The surest way for Activision to confirm the purchase is through the submission of the official receipt, which may be hard for players who bought the system about a year ago. Fortunately, Activision will also accept credit card statements as proof of purchase, with players advised to hide or remove all the information on the document aside from their name, purchase date, store, and charge associated with Guitar Hero Live.

Players who do not have a receipt or credit card statement may still submit a completed claim form, and Activision will try to verify the eligibility for a refund.

Guitar Hero Live players who qualify for a refund will receive a prepaid Visa card within eight to 12 weeks of the close of the claim period on May 1. The amount of the refund will be based on the purchase price, not exceeding the standard retail price.

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